Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fresh Start Farms

Allison invited us out to Fresh Start Farms yesterday, for Kathi Miller's birthday. This lady is the real deal--runs a small farm with the best grass-fed beef, pork, and free range chickens(and the eggs are too die for!)Not to mention she fosters 8 teenage girls (hence the name "Fresh Start") who are always around doing farm work, sweeping the porch, or doing school work. We brought her a plate of chocolate chip cookies and spent a few hours barnyard romping....

Max and Mayan gathering eggs

Not a bad way to live....

The best eggs

Two more! Look at those ladies hard at work

Max pulls the girls to the next hen house

He's got a wagonful now

Oh, mamas, I know we've all felt like this before!

A timid piglet ventures to say hi

Hawk admires the colorful turkey comb

These shy piglets lost half of their siblings at birth


A pooped Mama takes a rest

You flaunt those feather, Mister, you're next on the chopping block....

Well said

This pig is a BEAST!

...and he's got the biggest, muddiest balls I have ever seen
The men admiring the huge muddy balls

The kids get tough for a turkey showdown

B and Isadore doing some barnyard bonding

MG's tractor sneer

I forget why she was pouting but that lip looks downright edible!!

Lou and B, farm self-shot

On the ride home--a 47' sailboat looks severely out of place in the high desert


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LA RN said...

I think it is so important to remember where our food comes from. Eggs don't come in a cardboard box and bacon and pork are slaughtered pigs. It's good to see the work put into it. Cool farm...
Just out of curiosity, if those were the biggest, muddiest balls you've seen, what other big, muddy balls have you layed your eyes on??