Sunday, April 8, 2007

butter, milk, meat

i love all of these things. i've been wanting to make an incredible roast since we bought all of that superb beef from Fresh Start Farms and before the weather gets warm. i read in Nourishing Traditions that the German secret to a tender tasteful roast is to soak it in buttermilk for a few days. i wanted to use raw buttermilk so even though i can get raw butter from Billie i needed to make it myself to get the milk. it was so EASY! i put out 1 quart of cream for 8 hours to sour, then put it through the food processor until it turned to butter--at first i was worried it wouldn't happen, it just looked like whipped cream.......i got my face really close to the cuisenart and suddenly it happened--everything inside turned yellow and hard. i turned it over a strainer and squeezed out all of the milk. the roast is marinating in the milk now, and i will post on the results in a few days!

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LA RN said...

So Cool! I can't wait to try the butter!