Monday, April 16, 2007

Dan Zanes and Friends

Woo-hoo! We had a rockin' time at the Dan Zanes Show at the Aladdin Theatre. Our first kids' concert in Portland--Mayan was adorable as a front-row fan, boogying down with the other kids. Isadore was a bit overwhelmed--it's the first time she's been to something like that. It is pretty weird to go from full sunlight outdoors then open a door and into a dark auditorium with lots of people moving around and loud musicians on stage.

Getting down front and center

Isadore had this look on her face the whole time little groupie with Mr. Zanes

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LA RN said...

Mayan is a natural! I'm sure she inherited the "I can get back stage to any show" gene from me! Isadore will learn! They both looked gorgeous!