Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Sad Departure

Our visit with P & K ended on a very sad note--Kamla's father in India passed away early in the morning. He'd been in the hospital the last few days during her visit with us, but as her family is a half a world away, she kept in contact with her siblings, hoping that he would hold on until their return in May. Being as they spend half their time in the US and the other half in India and their US period was ending, she had not seen him in months and I sensed she was yearning greatly for returning home. I hugged her deeply today, she felt like air in my arms, a warm puff of air already mentally transcending home in her grief. Daddi Ji, as they called him, was 89, and had said to them not long ago that he was preparing to "take the leap." Kamla and her father were extremely close; Payson told me this morning they had the deepest father-daughter connection he'd ever seen-- loving, affectionate, respectful. Her father had been asking her to come home for the last few weeks, but they were so close to returning, her siblings assured her it wasn't neccessary, plus with her asthma there was no way she could make the flight twice, and she has a book that is being released in just a few weeks. My heart hurts to think of the emotional beating she may put herself through for making the decision not to go. All of I could think of to say to her as we parted was "You were only far apart in miles, nothing else."

Their home in the Kullu Valley--named FlowingWaters

Payson and Kamla near FW with their dog Tiger

Thank you both for your energy, kindness, gentle nature, laughter, perspective, and mentoring. Until next time, Namaste....

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