Friday, May 4, 2007

put down the paint brush and make contact

as promised here are some photos. apparently i am in some time-warp and two weeks have passed. i have so much to do. everyday half of my "to-do" list gets ignored while other things get added on. yet the meals and butt-wiping are a constant. want a peek at life in our new world? you go it!

our first night. thank goodness we had movers or else we'd be sititng on the floor.

ah....the one room that is nearly perfect as-is

mid-painting, a little book nook off the kitchen/dining area

herb garden, mid-reconstruction

our glorious, over-grown but frog- and fish-packed pond

mom rules! she helped me plant my veggie garden--luckily it was sunny that weekend

the one bonus about the fire: the whole back of the house was re-sided

the girls' room

our yard from the balcony

the wisteria

our room: total work-in-progess

the hallway--check out those awesome skylights!!

*sigh* even messy this room looks cute

freshly painted, our new lockers we scored and a little artful sitting area--LOVE IT!

even since i took these, things have changed. haven't been at the computer much but i think of our bend peeps often. love to you all!!!! things will mellow soon and i will be more *in touch*.



Anonymous said...

cool house... it looks so much different than the pictures from before you moved in. i love the veggie garden, yard and all that natural light inside the house.

can't wait for our visit.

Lee said...

Wow what an amazing house! Would love to see it at a MDC playdate later :)

Korin said...

WOW!!! you have an awesome house :D can't wait to see it and actually meet :D

The Noble Fat N Happy One said...

another "wow, LOVE that house" and "cant wait for a playdate" comment here!
i LOVE your fireplace room (family room? living room? really awesome room with high fireplace and amazing windows?)
you guys SCORED!

Bill & Savannah said...

Amazing! I can't wait to sit in your garden and watch happy kids trotting about.

Hedro said...

Wow! Your place puts my place to shame! Soooo coool!

Breana said...

ohhhh... it's SO beautiful! i can't wait to see it in person. xo sis

LA RN said...

Looking soo good! Mom did amazing work (of course) on the yard. Nice work!