Friday, June 8, 2007

the perfect afternoon

while blake was at the boat with mayan on wednesday, it stuck me that it might be the perfect afternoon to visit the new Rembrandt exhibit. we became members of the portland art museum on our last to pdx (pre-move) so we can visit for free. i called blake and we decided to meet uo there. i know it was meant to be wen i found a parking spot right behind the museum overlooking the sculpture garden. plus i found a spot right next to mine and called blake to see where he was--he drove by and snagged it just in time!

first we stopped at the cafe and blake and i shared some wine (!!!--for those of you who know, blake NEVER drinks) and a light lunch. then off to see the paintings which were not just Rembrandt but his Dutch contemporaries. we used the audio tour which is great and i love that mayan likes tohear the kids and adult version of the audio guide--she is such an art lover at heart! i learned some cool things, although honestly i find this period to be too dark in terms of color and more interesting to hear about than look at. my favorite was a still life with skulls, a burning candle, and an hourglass, representing lifes frailty.

anywho. i had a moment in the cafe where i realized that even though we have visited museums (and enjoyed thier cafes as well) in many big cities on every vacation, this was the first time we LIVED there. (Great museums including the Guggenhiem, the Met, MOMA SF, Seattle Art Museum--our first museum visit together, and Vancouver Art Museum--twice) i teared up thinking "why did it take me so long to move to a city that gives all of the things we LOVE to do?" it feels so right. anytime, on a whim, we can look at art, bring our sketch books if we are so inclined, share glass of wine, browse the museum gift the art-loving family that we are, here in PORTLAND!


Korin said...

Beautiful pix of your girls, and hubby. :) I love the olive pix!

Breana said... are quite the photographer, leah...really beautiful pictures!

so, i'm tagging 5 random things about yourself, and then pass it on to 5 people. :)


Lee said...

Wow, great photos! Your post made me look forward to such outings when Jake is a bit older!!

LA RN said...

May I please have copies of the olive photo and the black and white of the girls in the walkway? You are a fabulous photographer! Ever think of a home business...?