Sunday, June 17, 2007

this is for you, george.

my father-in-law george is, in my humble opinion, the best father-in-law one could ask for. george loves the finer things--italian food, cocktails, the sopranos, his bmw convertible. george works out, does yoga, and gets massages every week. he emails us self-written movie reviews, the lastest real estate numbers, and new york times articles---but NEVER spam. he talks about the weather. he loves his wife, still give her kisses in public after 25 years. even when he's grouchy, there is a playful twinkle. he calls the bathroom the "head." george calls, but never gets on your case for not calling. he listens, he laughs, he cuts through the bullshit.
george is the one you call when you can't make a decision. even if he's in the judges chambers, he tell the lawyers to wait, "my son is on the phone." his advice is always right on--but he's still got your back if you don't take it. he's available. like he's been sitting poolside with a scotch and cigar just waiting for your call. he's the Judge. to me, he's much more than a father-in-law, he's a father figure.

happy father's day, D.


Breana said...

here's the "happy tears" smiley? this is really beautiful... what a neat tribute to a wonderful man.

The Noble Fat N Happy One said...

i am loving that post.
how inspiring, and touching.
i'm with Breana, where is the :happyt smiley when you need it?