Sunday, July 8, 2007

one week just wasn't quite enough...

Blake's dad George and his dear wife Gigi stayed with us this past week. They were the perfect guests! Didn't hear a peep, helped with dinner and cleaned the kitchen every night! They even filled up the Suburban with gas. We tried to sell them on Portland the whole time they were here--of course, it is more complicated but we all do wish we lived closer (they are in Fresno.) Of course, they got to see us in all of our glory--rowdy kids, irritated parents, B and I argued for a few of the days....but George just said "Fuck it! you guys are doing a wonderful job. None of that matters. We had a great time." Aw, shucks....are you sure you can't handle 300 days of rain??

Our itinerary:
Sunday--they arrived, had a nice steak and salad dinner
Monday--we sailed but there was NO wind, me and G took the kids to the beach
Tuesday--Body Worlds at OMSI, then lunch at Bay 13 in the Pearl, Blake gave Mayan bangs without asking me, he slept on couch;-)
Wednesday--stayed home for the 4th, G made jewelry with the girls while I got my botched wax fixed, had ribs, coleslaw and watermelon salad
Thursday--D and G went to Forest Grove to the famous sake maker SakeOne, I played at park with girls then B and I kissed and made-up, went to our new favorite sushi restaurant
Friday--Multnomah Falls and picnic, made quick chicken sandwich dinner then Blake, D, and G went and saw the Moody Blues at the Arlene Schnitzer
Saturday--Blake took D to Music Millenium, then made a quiche for lunch, met with photographer Amy at boat for a family shoot including a lovely windy sail, D made us ppast with leek, cabbage, and fontina for dinner
Sunday--they were gone before we awoke *sob* (that was the plan though--they didn't just disappear!)

Photo highlights:

our guest room is ready to recieve

blake reading an old family letter

scoping and hoping for some breeze

deep thoughts from the bow

a bustling family dinner

D and MG waiting for sushi

a picture perfect lunch

how's your food, B?

the sushi stuffer

a man, his iced coffee, and a waterfall

what a cute pair!

my new favorite Lou-B self portrait

easy, breezy, beautiful...cover girl!

what a lovely mist

i heart nature


Breana said...

omg, that "cover girl" pic of mayan: i thought it was kylin for a minute!! looks like you had a lovely week...i'm so happy!
B & his dad look so cute together on the boat, and the guest room looks awesome.

Lee said...

Can I stay in your guest room sometime?? :)