Wednesday, August 29, 2007

closet remodel

we have a REAL closet now, a BIG WALK-THROUGH closet...and its soooooo prettyyyyyyy!

barf-peach walls, moldy patch, gross synthetic carpet

more barf-peach, plus (already gone) a saggy wooden rod (i hate me a saggy rod--lol)

sexy modern dresser, cool green walls

new light fixture, steel clothing rod with Ikea organizers, and best of all cork floor! (thanks to B for all of his hard work;-)


angstmonkey said...

So we can just stop on by and take a bath, right?

mama_nomad said...

ew, the bath is....ew. but when that is remodeled then we'll be taking reservations;-)

Lee said...

Wow, nice re-decorating/remodeling!

North said...

Um....that tub looks awesome. :)


Hedro said...

So. Much. Better.


LA RN said...