Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween '07

isadore the ninja and mayan the egyptian

now they are "in character"

kaden wasn't a big fan of his costume at first but mommy distracted him until he got used to it--lol!

are we the tricks or treats? hahahahaaaaa....(no, we did not plan on matching!)

look what the sugar fairy gave us in exchange for the candy! she took the candy home to feed to her sugar babies so they could grow big and strong....and she left the girls new toothbrushes (they were MOST excited about those), tooth fairy pillows, books, rulers, and cool jungle animal ice packs.

...just don't let the kids look in the laundry room!

we came home from the Hall's neighborhood, and nothing was going on in ours, we didn't have one trick or the kids watched a halloween winnie the pooh video while i made a dinner of apple cider braised pork chops with shallots, brussel sprouts with bacon, homemade applesauce, and some yummy corn bread that Breana made. isadore, of course, says that she would like to go trick or treating tomorrow as well. :-)


elliesmadre said...

You all look so cute. :) I'm going to have the sugar fairy come to our house next year. See you soon!

Lee said...

I love their costumes!!!!

Nicole Homel-Tellier said...

The girls look great! As well as you too!
Thurston still is asking for Mayan, I am going to have to show him these photos when he gets home!

LA RN said...

So cute...and I love the sugar fairy idea. No one, especially kids, need all that crappy ass candy. Did they call you on it? They must have seen people putting the candy in their baskets. Nice work, mama and papa!

mama_nomad said...

no, they are into the idea--they WANT to believe in the sugar fairy--lol. they leave their baskets on the black sofa and when no one is looking.....the fairy takes the candy for her babies and replaces it with goodies:-)