Thursday, October 4, 2007

new glass roof

well, we'll start small and work our way up.....of all the big events of the last month, believe it or not getting the glass replaced on our roof was actually one of the smaller things. of course it cost an arm and a leg, and required a boom lift, and involved some broken glass in our bathtub--but compared to a birth and a wedding, it was minor....

so here is the reason we called the glass guys in the first place--this wasn't going ot make it another winter. unfortunately NO ONE would touch it, either glass places said it wasn't something they could do, and roof places said they didn't want to even attempt to climb up our steep a-frame to look at it esp in the rainy weather. we got shuffled around a lot until we found THE GUYS--glass roof specialists, used to building those huge all glass highrises. they looked at it and said that the existing glass was single pane glass that would break into 1000's of pieces in the event of an earth quake or a tree branch hitting it in high winds. the framing wasn't looking too great either. we knew eventually it had to be done, but we weren't planning on shelling out the dough now! but knowing winter would come, and a new roof would improve heat efficiency and be safer, we took a big gulp and scheduled it.

i came home from c's birth to see this. here is the boom to lift off the one panels and bring up the new ones. serious stuff! they had broken two of the old panes while removing them, one shattered in our jetted tub (Grrrrr!!!) and the other in the living room (which luckily blake had protected by laying down a tarp)

look--no glass! good thing the weather was perfect

the new stuff

the old stuff

you go, buddy!

sketchy! (hey, they only broke one of the new panes...)

ahhhhh, the finished product:

that is one sexy roof ;-)

All-in-all it only took about three days then some button-up work. Total cost.......? Not sure if I should divulge that...Any guesses??


Hedro said...

I have no idea. But dang... you are right, that IS one sexy roof!


Adrienne said...

I'm guessing crazy money! What a relief to have that done, huh?

Korin said...

sex-ay! My guess - seven MEEEEELLION DOLLARS!

mamayogalove said...

it is gorgeous. 5G - 7G... for the glass and labor. so worth it. they did a great job.

LA RN said...

Safety has no price... looks great!