Thursday, October 25, 2007

two BEAUTIFUL fall days in pdx

bright blue skies and 70 degree weather...we couldn't help ourselves--i dug into the garden and prepped them for winter, blake did some outdoor house work, and the girls helped and frolicked and played with worms and caterpillars. it was so wonderful!

finally old enough to help rake the leaves!

isadore and her caterpillar, Cally

even Zeke enjoyed himself!

blake gets a beam winter-ready

gardening AND gestating--it's a great feeling

isadore making mud pies in her new rubber boots

mayan cruising in her boots (only $13 at Coastal Farm Supply!)

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elliesmadre said...

Your belly is so cute! I'm due for a uterus rub. :) That sounds dirtier than it is.