Friday, November 30, 2007

and for the grande finale....

...i pass it off to a guest blogger! well, my poor i wasn't attached to my laptop enough in the evenings, here came NoBloPoMo sucking me in even deeper.

so many evenings: "hey, are we going to watch a movie tonight...or are you clicking?"

me, typing like a mad woman: "no, no, i'll have this wrapped up by 9:30 so we can pop something in...."

9:56 approaches. Blake: "alright screw it, we'll skip the movie and hold out for seinfeld at 10:30."

me: "oh, thanks! i'm almost done--so close, i swear..."

will i continue to blog daily? no. no way. will i blog more? i think so, yes. i think i have found that it's not just the birthday parties and road trips that deserve a blog entry. just a funny story, or profound thought, or even a great meal can have it's place. the more varied the better.

the last week, as my husband has geared up to start working full-time again after over a year of semi-retirement, he has joked that he needs a blog. this is the man who i have taken painstaking efforts to teach the ins-and-outs of basic email to these past few years. he is a brilliant businessman and pioneer in his industry, yet really in his own words he is "merely a simple jungle boy."

here is what he calls his first wanna-be-blog, sent out to family and friends to update them on our current status--and, like everything B writes when he is feeling that rare inspiration, it's got a lot of heart and balls. he gave me permission to use it here. without further ado.....

First wanna-be B-blog--"Same Boat": Message for the new year

After 18 months at home with the family, and working no more than two days a month for that time, I am about to embark on the next five years: Today I sign the Nomad II lease in PDX. By the time I renew it, Nomad will be 20 years old! Feb 14th, 2002 is 15 years! My vision is to take it yet higher; to a "ho-nubba- lebbah" as they would say on Mad TV. I will be focusing on custom jewelry and fabrication; made while each client enjoys the Nomad Museum's cultural ambience. Icing to that cake is that I have met with and received preliminary approval from the Portland Art Museum's head curator regarding a special exhibit of jewelry in 2008. I could not have envisioned such a scenario; Mr. Guenther was extremely receptive to my vision, warm, intelligent, and himself pierced and tattooed, though it was not visible. He loved my book. Good things will happen there. A nice feather in the cap of the "new" piercing studio in town, even though we're the oldest shop in the industry. The frequency of at-home appointments has increased...a lot of PDX peeps have commuted to Bend for 10 years.....their dedication will be rewarded with a shorter commute....I have heard many times from people how much shorter the drive will be; this mornings double industrial ear project drove from Salem and was glad not to have to do the pass and the extra six hours. Mayan is old enough to accompany me whenever she likes (or momma needs)....she's a big helper....with our new baby half way there, the urgency to provide for my family is reaffirmed. We are in a transitional time; one where we will go from over a million dollars in debt to nearly zero. Our family has made sacrifices to get through this tough time, one where we have been living hand to mouth for a while, and momma has put the "clothes-shopping" breaks on, though she does need pregancy cuteness, I know. Full circle, both Dad, Payson and Chemynne have made contributions and loans for the new Nomad as they all did for my San Francisco studio in 1993, when the tribal vision was born. Also contributing is my best friend and manager Rick, who is the age I was when I started this company; He's got another 15 good years in him as well as a wife and three girls to support. Nomad in Bend will be moving to new digs for the next five years as well with Rick, my #1 at the helm. We are in constant contact, though he is in the gamma quadrant and I am in the alpha. Everything is a Star Trek metaphor for Rick and me...2008 is my 20 years in "the business" mark, and I feel a second wind has happened. The base of operations for the Perlingieri family is on the kitchen counter a vast expanse of bills and checkbooks and stamps and calculators....not a random pile, it enables me to coordinate complicated plans and financial juggling for two stores and three houses, much to Leah's chagrin.

This is my future Portland location below...been a lot of grownup
stuff with all of this lease negotiating....being my own landlord is now in the past, though we will reap the benefits of Bend land ownership as many of you have. The two Nomad's will spend over a quarter-million dollars in rent alone over the next five years, but it must be done These ultraphat piercing studio/museums will be pimp as fuck and will be seen on the website early 2008. much work remains to be done.My abilities as a body artist obligate me psychically and spiritually to continue to service the tribe, adorn their bodies and spread cultural consciousness. This feeling has never been stronger. It has endured for two decades now. Most of you have read my book. Most of you I have adorned is some fashion. We have shared a special bond.

The old Oxygen Tattoo space...Nomad Bend's new home open January
first, 2008.


Above, my beautiful and soon to be bigger family; my reason for all of the goings on and all of the diatribe. Hey I've had a year and a half off already. I am truly blessed. I must end on a political note for the precise reason of family. As most of know, the condition of our planet and the immediate economic survival of many americans is declining. The trillions of dollars in deficit/debt being left by the powers that be, to my children (your children), and the air they breathe. concerns me greatly....I listen to a lot of NPR, and PBS and as one who voted against Bush in 2000; voting for the first time in my life. The outcome of 2008 is quite important. Eight years more of what we've just done would surely drive me out of this country. The time is now. We are on the edge. I have studied the three candidates carefully, as I am not a vote-waster doing the Dean or Brown vote of conscience. It is prudent to pick the best person who can win as a democrat, if real change is to occur. It must be clear to all thinking people as it is to me, that that person is John Edwards. Now is not the time to get a woman or a black man in the white house for the sake of it. Both are too polarized as potential firsts and distract from the real issues this country faces, and both are without the inclusive and compassionate vision of Edwards. Additionally, his unique life experiences qualify him. Those who know me know that I judge a person by the content of their character, as I have been unfairly judged for 20 years based on appearance alone. Utube his interview on Charlie Rose from 11-29-2007. No question will remain for those undecided who the best person for the job of running this country is after viewing that interview. Though many of you are jaded and feel all politicians are corrupt, there have been Lincoln's and FDR's and Kennedy's among the bastards. John Edwards is in the Kennedy club and could do much for the future that will be here all too soon. Compassionate, visionary, inclusive, moderate, yet liberal, yet having an appeal to conservative democrats; even liberal republicans. He is a man of the people. His words, especially now, have moved me. The race for our future is on. Our children, our species, depend on the best possible outcome, and given the choices, he is mine.

We must move as families towards sustainability and deconstructing
the outdated models where we can. A garden. Biofuel. Green concepts in life and business. Get the fuck out of debt and own less. Recycle more. Don't be a Hippiecrite. Eco is more than a Mother Earth sticker on a gasoline powered car bought on credit. Fucking live it; do it! Those of us with resources must take the first steps. Sign up for wind or hydro generated power, get rid of the goddamn gasoline powered vehicle, even if it's all you have now; even if it's convenient, even if you take a loss. It's not the answer, just a step in the right direction, given the choices. Every little bit helps. Every family's shrinking carbon print assists the planet. We all play a small part in the big picture. There are always alternatives. Donate to the NRDC, PBS, the Sierra Club. Support local. Handcrafted. Organic. Sustainable. Recycle. Often, old cars and homes are better than new ones. 40 years ago a home was made from wood, not off- gassing toxic glue. In all of the random and infinite probabilities of life and it's potential in this vast universe, our scenario is quite unique. Our little blue ball, finite. Our need to work together as a species, as humans, has reached it's perihelion. Though I know most of you are not ignorant enough to just "have faith", and know that's a cop-out, it must be said: God is just a feeble figment born of the human fear of being alone...he cannot save us from our transgressions. Only man can own man's shit. In fact, Nietzsche says of "Mankind and life are that which must be overcome again and again". This is it! It's all we have. If you have no faith in your self, then ask this: Would a compassionate creator allow such unspeakable atrocities as these? Would he allow us to rape and shit upon the mother earth; each other, for so long? Perhapse it is really in our hands. Perhapse acting upon what is real in this life is all that will save our species, just in case this is it!

Good luck to all of you, friends and family, surviving, adapting,
procreating, unlearning, spreading consciousness, and living in the here and now. We're all in the same boat. We must all be the example.

Poppa Nomad


Mrs. G. said...

Congrats on making it the thirty days. Wow, you should have let your husband loose on the blog a while ago...he covers a wide range of topics. And now I know where to get pierced in the Portland area.

I'm an Edward's fan too, but I don't know if he's going to make it through the Obama/Hilary rain. I hope so.

Take care and don't forget to blog now and again.

elliesmadre said...

Blake needs a blog. lol I would definitely read it. I miss you guys. :)

angstmonkey said...

Nice entry Blake...... MNM also voted for the first time during the Bush reign. I am supprised he voted a second time after everything he voted for went tits up. I look forward to my time with you (and the resulting adornment)

LA RN said...

Blake, if you weren't already on the CIA's "person to keep an eye on" list, you are now..

Congrats on the new venture, you've got something to give so give big!

Amy said...

Nomad for Prez!!!

Leah, awesome that you followed through and committed to the ever lovin NaNoBloMo! I sadly dropped out Thanksgiving week. I lost my mojo.

Blake, I love what you guys are doing with Nomad, I love your family's philosophy on life (and that you include debt in your issues of social hot topics!), I'm inspired and looking forward to your next awesome blog!! Have the little woman (heh heh) take loads of pictures of the PDX Nomad shop to keep us stalkers at bay....


Bill & Savannah said...

Right on Poppa Nomad. I am an Edwards supporter as well. Thanks for your deep words.
congrats on the new space!