Thursday, November 8, 2007

can't you guess?

Breakfast--yogurt with fresh raspberries and maple syrup, scrambled eggs, last half of leftover potato pancake (a little morning after quickie), water

Snack--apples, cheese, salami (few slices of each), cup of tea

Lunch--one perfect slice of sausage and roasted potato pizza from Pizzicato (thank you, B!!!), big ol' arugala pear salad with walnuts and blue cheese

Snack--no snack, i fell asleep

Dinner--lamb chop, risotto with peas, water, cranberry juice

So, we had our second prenatal visit with the "wives" today...Blake got to hear the heartbeat for the first time and also got very chatty and did some bonding with the ladies (it's a team of two plus their apprentice). Baby (which should be about the size of an avocado) sounds great, still very deep in my body and kicked then floated away from the doppler. Heehee....

I have been making a big effort to be really good to myself but not be nuts (that isn't my style anyway)--yoga once or twice a week, walking one to two miles a few times a week, staying very hydrated, napping when the urge of the great things about pregnancy for me is that extra nudge to be good to yourself. That is not to say I don't treat myself--in fact, the juxtaposition is that it also gives you the excuse to splurge a bit. Like the pound of fries I ate at Hawthorne Fish House the other day with Breana (that is to say I went with her but I didn't share one single fry, I shamelessly downed to whole pound) and snagging the uneaten potato cakes from my friends plates last night. Do we see a theme developing here? The current joke is this baby will be named "Tater." Fried potatoes in any form rule.

Blake misplaced the camera on his trip to Bend last weekend--so here is the weekly belly shot taken by PhotoBooth:


Mrs. G. said...

Congratulations. I love that you are documenting your food. Taking care of yourself is a good thing, because once that baby comes...well, you know. Great photos.

LA RN said...

What is it about a pregnant woman's profile that looks so natural and sexy? It's almost like our bodies look more natural that way then a weird flat tummy.. Curves rule! You look amazing!