Friday, November 9, 2007

Chin Skin

my brother got married in september and i was just rolling through the photos from my camera. i noticed something that made me chuckle--the abundance of chins and jowls. the explanation: this is what people look like from a five-year-old's perspective!

*all photos by Mayan Grace

the groom (uncle Meshem)

auntie Na Na

uncle Noah and great-g-pa Jackson

grandma was smart--she got down to minimize the chin shot

on the dance floor: sister and uncle Noah

groomsmen: papa and cousin Nick

caught unawares: grandma and grandpa

award for jowl-iest shot of the night:


Mrs. G. said...

Aargh, the chin's a killer. My girlfriends and I have code involving destroying any and all photos of each other that involve too much chin and too much ass. It's called Sisterhood.

LA RN said...

Didn't we have a rule that no photos were to be shot without stretching out our necks and chin first? Or at least a strategically placed hand to smooth things out a bit.. Man, I feel old!