Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the countdown continues

i guess i am still going for it, even though i lost that one day *sigh*. four more days of NoBloPoMo.

my food diary has gone out the window but i am still eating the same--maybe slacking on the between meal snacks but that is b/c i can go longer without getting hungry and nauseous. a weeks worth of diary is pretty darn good. if a midwife requests one, it's usually 3 to 7 days of record anyway, so i'm good. next appointment on Dec 6th. always look forward to those. we are going to try hearing the heartbeat with the fetoscope this time.

other developments...my boobs are huge. (haha, no pun intended, of course.) but they were already huge, you say. well they got bigger, just this last few weeks, i reply while showing my milky white, heaving cleavage. nothing new there. i like v-necks. no one can make me cover-up my chest. crew necks on women with large breasts make them look even bigger and disproportioned, or as they say on What Not to Wear, "like they are growing from your neck." big no-no. so my cleavage shall be there for all to enjoy, but mostly it's for me. and my man. and my babies.

wow, i get to nurse a baby again. i get a faint tingling let down sensation just thinking about it. my breasts are breastfeeding breasts. i believe that 99% of women can actually successfully breastfeed (given the appropriate support, of course) and overcome most bfing obstacles like flat or inverted nipples, or milk supply issues. but i have never had an ounce of a problem. my nipples stand out a good 1/2 inch, so much so they called me Nip in high school. that was fun.

when i had isadore, Mayan was 2 and still "hitting the sauce" so my nips were in prime form-- perky and with little to no sensation. sweet isadore didn't not get to try latching on until her 10th day out of the womb, and as i "prepped the dairy bar" the nurse took one look at my nipples and said "i bet a horse could nurse on those." it was the weirdest compliment i have ever gotten. then they kicked my milk out of the nicu fridge, because i was hogging too much room. i probably could have fed all the babies in that room for a week with all of the milk i ended up throwing out. such a shame.

betcha didn't know this post would be all about boobies. yeah, me neither. maybe i should i should change the title....nah. that might attract the wrong kind of attention.


Mrs. G. said...

I am feeling a tingling letdown sensation from all this talk of nipples, and I haven't nursed a baby in nearly 12 years. I miss those sweet days, but I don't miss the engorgement or the nipple scabs.

Oh and just so you know, Ryan Gosling is my all time #1 Secret Boyfriend. He is so special, I refuse to share him with the internets at large. My love was cemented when I saw him in the movie Half Nelson. I'll share him with you because you are with-child, but that's it. Grrr.

LA RN said...

A horse? Oh god, I'm ashamed of my own profession saying weird things to people. (I know I've done my fair share.)

Heehee about the nurses having to kick your milk out of the fridge.. There was probably at least one baby in the nursery who could have benefited from your throwaways.

And although I will never know the feeling, I give props to you for sharing your breasts with your babies b/c I know a lot of women who can't or won't...

bred said...

i know others who enjoy your cleavage, too. imjussayin...

and, do you think your ginormous boobies are making any milk in there? i need someone to watch the kids tomorrow, and it would be awesome if there was a boobie available... ;)