Saturday, November 10, 2007

food diary 11-10-07

i'm tired....i better write this before i forget what i ate today....

breakfast......shoot. what did i eat?


breakfast--big leftover pancake with peanut butter, three pieces of bacon, oj, water

snack--pear, cheese slices

lunch--mixed greens with chicken, tomatoes, feta with sherry vinagrette, water

snack--ANOTHER pancake with pb and syrup...they are sooooo goooood, milk

dinner--leftover meat and veggie lasagna, seeded baguette, cranberry juice

oops, forgot to drink my tea today...might have one cup left i'll drink before bed......zzzzzzzzz


LA RN said...

You eat such a wonderful diet! If Noah came over to cook for you what would you choose?

mama_nomad said...

ha! like i don't frequently dream about that...let's see you know i am a sweetBREADs girl (hahahaha), duck with orange....big fan of leafy greens right now (but not warm spinach, it makes my stomach turn)...anything in season and paired with MEAT (pork, beef, game) rocks my world:-P

i'd kill people for a crustless cheesecake with fruit(since i can't seem to find a graham cracker that doesn't have soy/lecithin)

why did you have to get me started?