Sunday, November 11, 2007

food diary 11-11-07, kitten story

sunday breakfast--more pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs, oj (simple and wonderful)

snack--oops long hot bath instead (*see additional story below)

lunch--little pile of lasag (it all gone now), big pile of sauteed chard, toast, water

snack--ruined my dinner at a potluck eating cashews, salmon dip (salmon and cream cheese), assorted crackers and bread, lentil and squash salad with feta...and a hot chai!

dinner--small bowl of beef stew with root veggies

now that it's almost 10pm...i am very hungry.

ETA--snack--apple, pregnancy tea, crackers with smoked salmon and cream cheese, dark chocolate with almonds. told you i was hungry.

*while i was in the bath, the kitten came to check things out...he seemed very cautious but sure-footed--found a way to get a little drink of bath water (ew.) later i got out to dry off, didn't drain the bath all the way b/c i though the girls would want to get in. while i was drying off, i heard it: SPLASH! followed by many more short, frantic splashes. Poor kitty! i rushed in to get him out, and there he was pathetically and desperately "cat paddling" his way out of the tub. i assisted his escape and wanted to dry him off but he was GONE, totally embarrassed and licking his drenched fur under the bed not wanting any human assistance. i checked on him a few moment later and he was already gone....i had to follow the trail of water downstairs to the dining room where he then let me towel him dry. it was sad and hysterical at the same time...and i am pretty sure he learned his lesson and is a full-on hydrophobe now. wish i had a picture....


LA RN said...

What's lasag? OH!!! Lasagne! Hahahahhahhaha!

Kelly said...

awww. poor kitty! Would have made a cute photo. Your blog makes me hungry!e