Tuesday, November 13, 2007

food diary 11-13-07

i am not sure how long i can survive without a camera. it's pathetic. we can afford one until our property sale closes just AFTER the holidays. no way, man. not cool.

the only upside is that since i usually am the one losing things, and blake was the one that lost the camera, he can no longer roll eyes, get annoyed, or otherwise give me crap. he IS human afterall! i always had my suspicions...

let do this, House is on:

breakfast--scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and cream cheese, toast, oj, pear slices and raspberries

snack--small plate of nachos: corn chips, cheese, sour cream, HOT salsa, water

(hike with Breana on Powell Butte)

lunch--salad with tomatoes, cuc, feta, garlic vinagerette (i am spelling that wrong? b/c spell check keeps giving me hell...); fries and half a strawberry shake from burgerville (all Breana's fault by the way!)

snack--satsuma mandarin (yay--they are in season!!)

dinner--leftover spag and meatballs, more salad! with zuc, carrots, feta...it was really good.

just now--two peanut butter cookies

is this getting boring yet? at this point, knowing i am going to have to write this down is helping me eat more balanced, but i know leftover spaghetti and scrambled eggs with toast AGAIN is not, like, a to-die-for read.

but thanks for hanging around anyway:-)

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