Wednesday, November 14, 2007

food diary 11-14-07 and maybe a little whining...

all-in-all, i love being pregnant. it's a very special time--a time to marvel at the female body and it's capabilities, a time of introspection, tender vulnerability and empowerment, a time to have sex without having to worry about birth control!

my last two pregnancies were classic, i guess you could say--very sick in the first trimester (all-nausea, tiredness), sexy and fun in the second, and fertile goddess-like in the third (but with some leg cramps and heartburn.) most of the later symptoms were things that could be treated naturally or with some care, and were all just a part of the glory of carrying a child. i am never one to bitch and moan and say "get this THING out of me!" that "thing" is your child and everyday you live together as intimately as two human being could ever be--your breath is their breath, your food is their food, your life is their life--pretty cool really!

so based on my past i should be in my "golden trimester"--round belly, healthy glow, feeling energetic and frisky. well, from about 12 weeks to a few days ago, i was reveling in my 2nd tri glory....but then i regressed! i feel as bad as i did on week 9...sour stomach, bad taste in my mouth, and just sluggish and tired! its the nausea that bothers me the most. luckily, i am not puking during the day, just a nice food-less session in the morning to clear out the stomach acid and mucus from the night (which i am fiiiiine with) and i'm also thankful that i am eating. i have these windows of hunger where food sounds great, so i eat..then after 5 minutes my stomach starts to turn...i gag but keep my food down, then i just spend the next few hours (until i get hungry again) feeling like...poop. so whats up that? i know it's hormonal, and there is nothing i can do. i guess i am just feeling a little gyped.

at the same time i am feeling humbled because i always kind of judged those women that complained about all-pregnancy nausea, that maybe they just weren't taking very good care of themselves, eating the right foods, or moving enough...or that they were just plain sour, pregnancy-is-a-pain types. i feel like i am doing everything "right" and still that is the way is this time around for me (eating balanced meals and indulging cravings, exercising regularly, drink fluids, getting chiro.) i will accept it. i will not complain (much.) i will still try to enjoy the good stuff as best i can. 'cause, you know, i am growing a BABY. and that is just too cool.

breakfast--pancakes with pb and syrup, bacon, oj

snack--tea (i woke up reeeally late)

lunch--nachos with cheese, beef, avocado, sour cream

snack--yogurt with raspberries, water

dinner--sauteed chicken livers, steamed broccoli, baked potatoes, glass of raw milk

i'll eat an apple later.....who knows what else...


bred said...

it is HARD to feel nauseous... don't minimize that. you are so positive and are obviously still able to enjoy the fun and amazing parts of your pregnancy--don't be hard on yourself for feeling gyped. hopefully it WILL be over soon (the nausea, sour stomache, and generally crapiness) and you can get on with the glowing goddess part. :)

mamayogalove said...

you are having a boy...

Melissa said...

I'm pretty sure that fertility goddesses do have leg cramps and heartburn. ;)

Sorry you're feeling crummy!