Thursday, November 15, 2007

food diary 11-15-07

feeling a little better today--the day started off really yucky and i got kind of worried but now i have a lot of energy back and am not nauseated.but it was probaly my worst eating day since i started the diary. we are out of leafy greens and i am very sad about that, and no money until monday. seinfeld starts soon and i want to read some of my blogs of love so..

breakfast--this is very sad, i sat down to eat what sounded really good then it looked terrible, so i only ate half of the following: fried potatoes (you know things are off when potatoes don't sound good), scrambled eggs with broccoli, toast, small glass of oj

snack--tea, didn't really get hungry so i made myself eat lunch soon after.....

lunch--grilled ham and cheese, water, juice squeeze

snack--cashews, water

dinner--brown rice, lamb patties on pita bread with cucumber yogurt sauce and feta, few orange slices, water

it's looking like i will be eating...some crackers with cheese and salami, maybe some chocolate later. i want salad--boo-hoo!!!!!

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