Friday, November 16, 2007

food diary 11-16-07, belly pic

We bought vegetables today! This is very good news...I was feeling awful without a big green salad on hand...

Breakfast--the most perfect and basic breakfast: bacon, eggs over medium, toast, oj, water--perfection

After a surprise visit from the mother-in-law (!!!)..

Snack: pregnancy tea, crackers, pear, cheese

Lunch: lamb patties on pita with feta and cucumber yogurt sauce (really really yummy)

Snack: more tea i think

Dinner: (here come the veggies!) chicken sauteed with lime and garlic on corn tortillas with refried black beans, sour cream and avocado, brown rice, salad with baby greens, grated carrots and zucchini with a lime and oregano vinagarette, water

Still depending on Photobooth for belly pics--here is one by special request!

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bred said...

awww...kylin's reading over my shoulder, and when she saw the picture of you she said "ohhhhh, she's so pretty." :) i'd have to agree. ;)
looking forward to tomorrow!! xoxo