Saturday, November 17, 2007

food diary 11-17-07

Ack! *insert witty blog post here*

Blake has been giving me some subtle crap for always being *disconnected* in the evenings, glued to the laptop, clicking away on my Mothering thread....and it's true. By the time I get to the blog, I am feeling rushed and want to close up so I can spend some computer-less time with my hubby. Is there a NaBloPoMo support group for spouses of bloggers? Lol.....

This is exactly what I look like when I blog:

Breakfast--2 pancakes with peanut butter, bacon, oj and green tea


Snack--carrot and cucumber sticks with yogurt dip

Lunch--mixed green salad with chicken, sharp cheddar, grated carrots, and balsamic v-grette (ha ha like that new spelling?)

Early dinner--small burger with cheese and greens (totally boring and sad)

Cake Party--all sort of delectable sweets!

Snack--chips, more tea

VERY excited about the sushi dinner my friends are having for me tomorrow as an early b-day celebration. Bring on the lovely faces and the spicy tuna rolls!


bred said...

have i told you you have the cutest fingers in the whole wide world?? seriuosly. cute.

LA RN said...

Hahahahhahhahahaa! As I was reading your blog and got to your picture I realized I was holding the IDENTICAL pose! We are SO sisters!

"Met" your cute friend bred and enjoyed the fun pics of Mayan on skates!

Hedro said...

I have the EXACT same problem! My poor blog... it suffers so.


mama_nomad said...

hahahahahaaa.....i don't doubt it, Nomers, we were probably wearing similar outfits too...:-)