Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The goal...

...to blog everyday this month. Who's idea was this? These people: NaBloPoMo

BUT I didn't sign up until today, the SIXTH day of the month. This makes me feel...incomplete...kinda dirty.....I should just get over and start writing I suppose.

What will I bore you dear readers with everyday? Depends....on days where there is something *worth* blogging about, the usual..adorable pictures of my adorable family. But if I don't have a plan for the other days, the *average* days then I will fail. So, in that case, I will blog about something I have been wanting to write down everyday anyway......a food diary. Why? 'Cause I'm gestating! I am confident that I eat a pretty healthy, well-rounded diet, but I cannot be trusted without some actual record. And I'd really like to know if I am measuring up--60 to 100 grams of protein a day, plenty of leafy greens...that kind of stuff. Especially since I am throwing out so many lame "rules" that I followed on my previous pregnancies--I am not taking prenatals (I don't feel they are assimilated the same as whole foods anyway), I am eating RAW sushi and RAW dairy (gasp!), and also partaking in a 1/2 glass of beer or wine here and there (actually I have only done this once so far but I plan on doing it again soon!)

So far today I've eaten:

Breakfast--scrambled eggs with turkey, sprouted grain toast, glass of water (usually I have fruit too but I had places to go and spaced it)

Snack--Spicy Thai chips! and of course WATER

Lunch--had a hankering for a tuna melt (tuna had red onion and grated carrots) on sprouted grain bread, a decaf chai latte

Snack--cheddar and apple slices, water

Dinner--split peas soup with carrots, hamburger patty with cheese and salsa.

Shoulda had more: fruit, leafy greens


Amy said...

Dude. I hit the "randomizer button" on NaBloPoMo, and on the first click, I got YOUR page! My Belly Sister and Secret Lover Queen! Woohooo!

Here's my profile, add me beyotch!

Lisa Milton said...

You must be hot in randomizer land - first up. Great pictures at the pumpkin patch, btw.

Jazz said...

Just stopped by..thought that I would say HI

Jen said...

Found you on the NaBloPoMo Randomizer. Don't feel bad about joining in late... I did too!
Welcome to the fun!