Tuesday, November 20, 2007

happy birthday to me.

i had a splendid day. after a breakfast of bacon and eggs and toast and a quick stop by Generations on Hawthorne where I scored a black maternity swimsuit on clearance, the oh-so awesome Amy met us at PAM (Portland Art Museum) and snapped some pics of us at the sculpture garden as a gift. See her flickr account here--she's seriously talented. I didn't show Blake the cute one of us, I will surprise him with it on our anniversary--double bonus!

It was COLD so we when we went in checked out the Chuck Close exhibit which focus on his processes and incredible color studies and such. He's a freakin' genuis too. When you look at his pieces closely, you see tiny colorful squares but form far away low-and-behold, beautiful portraits. My fave thing to do after looking around PAM is hit the cafe for a soup and salad so we did. Awesome black bean soup today.

i was already pooped--as was B who has a snotty cold. So after opening some sweet gifts (lots of new music and some new bling for my daith piercings-- (only mine have diamond and opal flowers in them now that puts that photo to shame)) I took a long bath and read some magazines which my mom send for me. She is so cute--she left sweet little notes inside them said "You're a good mom!" and "You're the best!" By then it was almost time for dinner so we--meaning me and Mayan and Isadore--quickly whipped up some brownies that were allergy-friendly for us all (great with substituting half the oil with apple sauce and adding walnuts!) and set them aside to head to La Calaca Comelona. It was downright fantastic and Mayan (and me!) was SO excited to eat there. I had the enchiladas which were completely covered in cabbage and roasted potatoes and carrots--with the perfect amount of spice. Blake is now in love with the grilled beef, bacon, mushrooms and tomato with tortillas. Mayan was all excited about the fried plantains but ended up nixing them b/c f the garlic--cha! The horchata was an exceptionally fine treat.

Now I am about to watch I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry b/c in my world nothing is better than stupid comedy especially if it involves Adam Sandler. And a pile of brownies.



sara said...

Wow, that restaurant looks soooo cool!

Happy Birthday!!!

bred said...

Happy Birthday, my love!! I'm so glad to hear you had a wonderful day. Can't wait to see your daith pretties. Missing you bunches...

Lee said...

Happy birthday, what a sweet way to spend your day!

elliesmadre said...

I'm so glad you had such an awesome day. :) Happy Birthday! I realized I too have my husband and wife with the same initials. lol But she-J doesn't sound as good as she-B.

LA RN said...

Mayan cracked me up because she said "Ever since I was a little girl I've wanted fried bananas!" So stoked you had a good time!