Wednesday, November 28, 2007


so get ready folks...a little preview of what you've missed before the camera got lost--and some current goodies to boot:

Mayan takes a music class on Tuesdays--her assignment was to design a percussion instrument. this is her Doomagotti:

poor papa--this is the pile of bills that constantly shuffles along the counter. bills get paid on the right, and new ones move in from the left. we split the counter half and half--no food gets on his bills and no bills encroach on my food.

i think mayan took this. it's a little crouching pharoah with Dorothy slippers.

Dia de los Muertos--our alter

after dinner we shared our favorite stories of the people we have know that have passed away. then we got silly for a family shot.

it's baby Nermie! not many things cuter than a kitten in a paper bag sitting in a ray of sunshine...

mayan getting deep into her body art

i was so excited that i found the camera that as soon as i charged the battery, i started snapping away! here is blake getting busted eating my chicken salad leftovers

here is isadore sleeping

and here is mayan NOT sleeping

aaaaand.....drumroll, please..................

belly pic #1 (19 1/2 weeks)

belly pic #2

belly pic #3

today is my 120th day since conception. the Sikh's believe that this is the day that the soul enters the child, and it truly becomes a person. i am not a Sikh but i think it is really cool to have one special day that honors the change a women has mid-pregnancy--out of the woods as far as miscarriage, belly now swelling and obvious to the world, baby is moving and feels more *real*...somehow our culture tends to really "miss it" in terms of celebrating the deeper, meaningful experiences. the change may not happen in one day but subtle, significant changes are happening and i have been trying to honor that more than ever this time around.



bred said...

oh. my. good. goddess. you are BEAUTIFUL!!! how could you have blossomed SO much in one week while i was gone???

i am doing a happy dance right now for your not-missing-anymore-camera. :) now we get to see PICTURES again!

elliesmadre said...

Eleanor is getting into body art too. I also have a few pen marks on me too. :) And you look so good! And are those THE jeans??

Lee said...

Yay for finding your camera!!!

Mrs. G. said...

Don't lose your camera again. These are wonderful photos. Your family is is your belly.

Saucy said...

Those children are PRECIOUS! And really, not too often do I find other people's children attractive, except for Mrs. Clooney. She has a fine son.

Korin said...

Cute pix! the bills cracked me up. that would make me nervous in my house! BTW your boobs look HUGE! lol

LA RN said...

I am so happy you found your camera! Can't type.. can't see through my tears..