Saturday, November 24, 2007

taking my enchiladas to a whole nuthu' level

today i declare left-over turkey day: either make it into something or it will be fed to the dog tomorrow.

my greatest enchiladas yet (half inspired by how my mom made them when i was younger and half by my dinner at La Calaca on Monday):

saute up a yellow onion, until soft, then huck it in a bowl

added a few cups a chopped up turkey and some sliced black olives.

stir in some sour cream and salt and pepper and mix well.

take a pile of warm corn tortilla (i like ezekiel's sprouted corn) and take turns soaking them in a wide bowl of enchilada sauce (hell no, i don't make that myself...yet. use canned of a trustworthy brand) and filling a few spoonfuls of the turkey mixture into the middle of each one. roll them up and tuck them nicely into a pan (9x13 pyrex works well for a nice sized batch). pour the remaining sauce over the tightly packed enchiladas.

top with grated cheese (i used organic valley raw mild cheddar) and crumbled queso fresco.

(this is where i screwed up--i wanted to have roasted sweet potatoes on top so i topped with diced sweet pots hoping that they would roast long enough but Noooooooo, they turned out too hard when the rest of the dish was clearly done. to remedy this next time i would probably toss the diced sweet potatoes and even yellow potatoes in some oil and roast in a glass pan covered with foil at a high heat--like 425 degrees--while i assembled the enchiladas. then take them out and use as the final layer on the main dish and cook according to the rest of the directions)

cover with foil and place in a 375 degree oven for about 45 minutes, removing the foil for the last 10-15 so cheese can melt.

remove and let cool for a few minutes. dish up a hearty portion and top with shredded green cabbage and sour cream. i served it with refried pinto beans and avocado, too. add a little salsa verde, if you like.


North said...

Sounds yummy! Going to have to try it. :)


Jessica said...

THat sounds PERFECT. Too bad I have made the last of the turkey into soup...

Hedro said...

Very cool! I love how you add suggestions on how to make it better next time!


LA RN said...

Oh yeah baby! Too bad they got you in "the end"! Heehee!