Friday, November 23, 2007

three anniversaries...AND twice in one week!!

...takahashi that is. George and Gigi sent us a check for our anniversary, so we figured sushi was a totally worthy item to blow it on, yes?

Blake and I have THREE anniversaries technically. We were married on Oct. 5th, 2001 in Mexico, a wedding for *us*--not legal but very official to us. The ceremony was led by Blake's dear friend Father Daniel Jansen at the base of the temple Kukulkan in Chichen Itza--very is our favorite one to celebrate.

Then we found out that Father Dan could not marry us at our *real* wedding (the white dress, rings, and food wedding) due to knee surgery so we asked Blake's father (a judge) to stand in--but he could not legally wed us in Oregon, so two days before the wedding, Nov. 21st, we hit the courthouse to sign some papers. The judge that officiated that happened to be the father of the guy who my best friend went to prom with. I lived in Bend for way too long.....

So 11-23 has always been a "psychic" number for Blake (loosely based on a Star Trek thing, i believe.....) and as his lady, i naturally adopted it. It ended up being the day after thanksgiving that year, so rehearsal dinner WAS thanksgiving dinner although we opted out and rented the fireside room at Scanlon's to fed us all. This year, the date also fell the day after Thanksgiving, and I had the foresight to order some prints yesterday, for pick-up today. Of the pictures that Amy took, I had not shown B the ones of just the two of us--so I got my favorite and also the family pic of us behind the red art sculpture. (see below)

On my way to get a frame for them at Michael's, i had a quick change of heart and decided to go our neighborhood framing place (very sweet cool people) and see what it would cost. yes, it would cost a lot more but the pictures are so nice, and i expect that he would like to put them up at what the hell. they put them on a temporary mat for me to take home and present to him, and i will return it tomorrow to get in line for framing--probably two weeks until it's ready. but it's gonna be sweeeeeeeeet! then i can RE-gift it to him when the shop opens! double sweeeeeeet!!



bred said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! what a beautiful family. and, takahashi twice in one week??? i'm totally jealous.

Mrs. G. said...

What a gorgeous family you have. Happy Anniversary to you and your sweetie.

Hedro said...

This is seriously so sweet! Happy anniversary!