Saturday, December 8, 2007

poor abandoned blog dropped like a hot potato after NaBloPoMo. anything going on around here is either waaay to boring or too stressful to even go public. but we're fine, fine.....

just getting my recipes ready to make a last-day-of-Hanukkah feast on Tuesday. this year we are not *celebrating* Hanukkah--since Mayan was born, we've always gone through the motions so to speak as it's a very enchanting 8 day ritual (the gifts, the menorrah, the hebrew prayers) but we are not Jewish in a religious sense--so we are cutting it down to one day (so we can enjoy the food and while cutting the consumerism and religious content).

really it was just a good way for us to take something from our past (in this case Blake's) and blend it with other old and new traditions to create our own family's personal "holiday celebration." a little of this, a little of that. we have phased out Santa and really paired down the presents to things that are very high-quality or homemade (this year i am making the girls dress-up crowns out of gold fabric.)--we were going to open them on Solstice which is a day we connect much more to, but i think Blake might be working since its a Saturday...we shall see. we still get a tree which we feel really honors Solstice and the connection to the earth by bringing in one of our favorite things and turning it into an alter of sorts with lights and special ornaments. but we always get a live tree so we can later plant it--i dunno, for us cutting down a tree to honor the earth seems a little weird but i know they have xmas tree farms and all--and traditionally cultures have "sacrificed" something of value to them to appease the Gods. as athiests, we'll pay the extra money for the live tree.

the new Nomad is getting painted and this week gets re-floored. things are coming along nicely although Blake has about 1000 things on his plate in terms of getting it open. it's inspiring to watch really, and awesome that every time he's opened a Nomad its been a one-man show--no employees or delagating tasks. i don't know how he does it. it's a sight to behold!

oh yes back to the Hanukkah feast...i'll be making two kinds of latkes: traditional for me and B, and sweet potato for the girls. also stuffed cabbage (i've only made this once but it is an old family recipe from Blake's side that his mom has passed down--and is published in the book that Blake's uncle wrote called the Mushuggenary.) finally since i am going to need me some meat to go with those potatoes and cabbage, i think a recipe from our friend Nicole for Israeli chicken will go nicely--its a chicken roasted with orange and honey. and to get that Jewish ambiance we will light all 8 candles on the mennorah. mmmmm....i can't wait!


LA RN said...

I think it's really sexy that you are seeing Blake like you saw him to begin with... Charging to make his business and money.

Happy solstice!

Laura said...

I love how you put together your own special holiday season. Cliff and I both pretty practical people and I think it would do us some good to get some kind of frivolous festivity going on... right now I'm just being inspired by families like yours.