Thursday, March 13, 2008

been sewin'

a few months ago i was at fabric depot to get some stuff for a quilt and it just happened to be their huge 40% off of everything sale--i grabbed the last cart available and started piling in bolts of cute stuff i liked. didn't know what i would DO with most of it but that didn't matter! one cute fabric i found was in the baby/nursury secion, it was a grey flannel with skull and crossbones, too cool to pass up. well i am happy to say i have finally put it to use! i made myself some cloth pads for after the baby is born--postpartum pads they call them. it sounds nice to have some soft natural cloth up against you those first few weeks as opposed to some synthetic gel-filled plastic pad, which i've used in the past and yes, are convenient...but i am going to be washing diapers anyway, these will slip right in. i based my pattern off of this mama's pads (who if i could afford i would have bought a ton of!) on Hyena Cart, a place for crafty mamas to sell their goods. the construction is flannel on top, a cut up prefold diaper in the middle, and fleece on the back (which should protect against leaks) which Breana GAVE to me. so each one cost less than three bucks to make (online ones were over $13.) now i am working on the next size down, for normal periods. i wonder when i will have to worry about that again! Ahhhh!!

the funny thing about this pattern is that when i am done with them, if the baby is still tiny, i can use them for diapers--ha! they are totally unisex.....i'll just add some velcro.

34 weeks today. had a wonderful visit with the wives. they are so on it, and attentive and we're all feeeling very hopeful that things will go smoothly. baby is growing everyday, and is still extremely active (more than any of my other babies....) and responsive to us listening and groping. both girls used their hands to feel where the head was (headed down, thank goodness!)
in two weeks, the wives come to our house for a home visit. slightly mind boggling, because i don't FEEL ready but that is b/c i am not ready at 34 weeks.....hopefully after that visit and the mother blessing (and our bedroom being finished--blake has been doing awesome working a little bit everyday on the cork floor) i will have had that shift into true anticipation and openness to meet what our friend Fawn calls "the Last Nomad." no arguments there--lol!

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Lee said...

Those postpartum pads look awesome and so comfortable! Glad the last Nomad baby is doing so well :)