Sunday, March 23, 2008

sweet! our suite!! it's compleeeeete!

glue-down cork tile: NEVER again. floating cork is SO much better...but on a budget, it was this or nothing. here is B, pulling up the carpet tacks, getting ready to lay 'em down.
mayan took these! go, b, go!

uh-oh, somebody is getting high on the adhesive fumes....

her, too!
(just kidding, it was a low-odor water-based cork adhesive, very mellow)

aw, who could resist those baby blues??

okay, just after this, blake suffered a major back-injury moving a piece of furniture--it sucked! it took a loooong time to finish the project, mostly it got done by him laying one row at a time, everyday after work. poor B! but it finally healed enough for him to bust out the final area last weekend. (thanks to Rich and Breana and Rich's mom for coming over and moving our bed for us!!) today we did most of the final touches.....

huh? who's room is this?

it's the newly done master bedroom! so sexy!
(i love these lamps, we got them at target years ago--they shed the coolest light on the walls. i decided to mount them, so they don't take up bedtable space)

this area is waiting for some photography, a rug, and my favorite swivel rocker...why do we have 2 tv's you ask? well our dumb no-name big screen doesn't communicate with the comcast universal remote, so we watch movies on the wide-screen and tv on the regular tv. tv-heads have to do what tv-heads have to do, you know?

AH!! devil kitty!! no, it's just Humper....note the new curtains covering our badly trimmed balcony doors. HUGE improvement, i tell you.

this room is soooooooo us. i'm beyond excited.

hey, haven't done one of these in a while...35 weeks here (a few days ago)...i look stoned in this picture...HA! i wish! but the "nester" in me does make me want to go in there and clean the fingerprints off of that mirror RIGHT NOW. i'm gonna.

phew, now we can relax...right?


UrbanHippieMama said...

you are TOO cute.. i love that belly pic.

and WOW, you guys have been busy in there since we saw it this morning--it looks SOOOOOO SWEET!

i am relieved for you both that is done and you can finish gestating in peace. :)


LA RN said...


Amy said...

I love it Leah, it's so awesome!!!!

Belly Hugs!

Lee said...

The room looks great! I especially love those lamps. So happy you have a wonderful bedroom now. Maybe I should try to put the finishing touches on mine, huh? I've been in my house longer than you've been in yours. Hahaha!

Laura said...

Your bedroom looks beautiful and so do you! I love those lamps, what a score.