Sunday, March 2, 2008

yes, i still exist

this is the last photo i took of myself--about a week ago, in the almost finished bathroom. i have completely survived my laptop withdrawls, and now do laundry and bake regularly. if it were warmer in our house i would be barefoot, then i could be barefoot and pregnant and bake and do laundry all day. it suits me well, i tell ya.

i could do some complaining though. for starters, i am kind of freaking out! time is moving WAY too quickly for me right now. i am 32, almost 33, weeks. that means i could comfortably have a full term baby in just over 4 weeks. Hell's no, i say. i need AT LEAST 6 more weeks. baby is doing very well, very active, and shaping up so far to be a peanut like the others. i won't complain about that--my baby can be small as long as baby is healthy and thriving which is the case thus far. baby's bony little buns keeps trying to poke through the top of my belly but keeps running into my ribs. possibly related is that a good three-inch patch of skin has gone completely numb just under my right boob--it's either that or the sheer weight of my boob is causing the numbness. regardless, i had it with my other pregnancies too and i am confident the feeling will return soon after birth. on the hip front, now that i am well into my third trimester, the relaxin (the hormone that helps widen the pubic bone) is for sure kicked in and doing its job. at night when i go to roll over, it feels as though my hips have "melted" into the pillows and mattress, and i have to be oh-so gentle in readjusting. same goes for getting up to pee, which thankfully is not very often (maybe once a night, sometimes never) as i hear with third time moms, the bladder has developed more nightime resiliency or something to that nature. speaking of pillows, i must always create a sort of wedge that goes from my waist to my head and props me at a good 30 degree angle, so as not to upset the Heartburn. if i fall off of my wedge in the night, and wake up with acid eating at my throat, i always have a cup of milk there at the bedside ready to sooth me.

other than that i'm goooooood. i am trying to swim once or twice a week which feels AMAZING. the first time i went, i did four laps and thought i might die. but friday i did eight, in about a half hour, with no problem and it felt so good. i was extra pleased to have the slow lane all to myself--'cause let me tell you, i am slooooooow. still doing yoga once or twice a week, too.

the house is shaping up. the only thing keeping me from posting pictures of our new uber-cool bathroom is that i need to find a cool shower curtain rod. the ones at home depot are hideous, i tell you. IKEA has what i want but i am saving my strength since everytime i go there i leave with the gnarliest backache ever. the person who designed their carts with all 4 wheels to swivel, so that the cart is always carreening out of control and it takes every muscle in your back to keep from crashing into the stacks of beautiful swedish-house-crap, should be shot, in my humble opinion. i have successfully painted our bedroom and am ready for blake to pull up the carpet and lay down the cork floors. add curtains, a comfy chair, and some tidying and my "suite" will be ready for me and the baby to rock and nurse all day long for a few solid weeks. diapers are stacked, organic baby clothes folded neatly, wool diaper covers are lanolized, and i am even finishing up on my own home-sewn cloth postpartum pads. they are so cool, they have grey flannel tops with skulls on them. now that is some post-partum bleedin' in style. too much information? ah, well, i am not sure anyone is reading anymore anyway--lol.

mayan's blog is much more interesting--go check it out:


UrbanHippieMama said...

i can't wait to see the bathroom and your "suite" all finished!! that is so exciting...

you look so gorgeous and glowing. i cannot believe you are getting so close to the end of your pregnancy.


elliesmadre said...

I also cannot believe it is so close! Wow, I remember when you first told us. :) You look great, can't wait to see you again. Which curtain rod is it?

Adrienne said...

They have normal carts there too! They are hidden around the corner by the elevators near the kitchen stuff. The little carts are instruments of torture!

LA RN said...

Lovin' the pregnancy swayback! Your side swept dark bangs are cute, too. I did miss the updates for awhile but your energy has turned inward, which it should.

Can't wait to see the bathroom (first hand!)

I love Mayan's phonetic spelling. I was saying things out loud like, "Let's take a road trip" and "I had a good dream" and it sounds like "chrip" and "jreem" when you say it fast. How effin cute!

Cat said...

So need to get together! What day on the weekend is best for you? Maybe in the next few weeks. Spring break is coming soon. We could do brunc with Noelle. Or we could bring food to you. Let me know, I must see you before the baby comes:)


Hedro said...

You wear pregnancy so beautifully. I can't believe you are almost there! It seems like just yesterday you were contemplating whether or not to have another one, and look at'cha!

I hope you guys get it all done so you can just cruise and thoroughly enjoy your babymoon!


The Noble Fat N Happy One said...

Mayans blog is cute cute ute! i was thinking of doin one for all of Addys pics.
you look AMAZING darling.

Jp said...

wow. Your home is so nice, we live in a 2 bedroom apt. it works but we pay way to much for it. Looking for a small house some ware out like 122 and foster ish. I wish i was as handy as Blake. I could remodel my wifes Myspace page. ha ha. and it looks like your about to pop. Three is a really good nubber. do you guys know
what its? well Ill leave more comments from now on. later skater