Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dorothy goes punk/38 weeks

Isadore accompanied me to the hair salon yesterday where our friend Traci hooked her up with some magenta. I think she should start a band called Dorothy Effin' Gale and the Totos.

38 weeks today. But who's counting?


Amy said...

LOL Crackin up on the band funny!

Her hair looks outstanding! I wanna see yours, too!!!

I have your blessing pictures done, I'll try to get them out today, sista!

Nice bellay!! :D

nicole said...

Cute band name! Love the pink hair.

Awww, Love your belly!

elliesmadre said...

Love the pink hair. Is that your new 'do in the mirror? If so, it looks cute. If not, well then your old style was cute. :)

The baby is getting bigger. Wow, you really are going to have a baby.

Eleanor would totally join the band. She is in love with the Wizard of Oz right now.

LA RN said...

Love it, love it! Every girl should go pink at least once in her life. Tell Isadore I'm a big fan of the hair.

I'm also a big fan of the belly but starting to become a bigger fan of the things to come!!

Aimee said...

She is so totally cute!! My boys would be in her band, they LOVE Wizard of Oz!!

Your belly looks wonderful!! Can't wait to see your hair!

Hedro said...

LOVE the hair! LOVE the belly! You guys are so damn cute!


mamayogalove said...

lookin beautiful girls.

mamayogalove said...

lookin beautiful girls.