Sunday, April 6, 2008

just another oh-you-know-i-could-have-a-baby-any-second sundays....

Blake and Mayan got up early to test sail a boat that we have put an offer in on. It's 36 footer, which is the biggest boat Blake has ever sailed. They came back so HIGH from their adventure, it was adorable.

Mayan is a total natural on the boat and in the water. She scrubs decks without a peep and ties knots and just soaks up all the knowledge Blake shares with her about sailing. See how in this picture the boat is leaning really far to one side...that is called "heeling. " True sailers get all excited when you get the side rail to touch the water. Mama NO LIKEY heeling. But look at MG...totally into it. Oy vey, this is Blake's child.....

I spend most of the day in the tub soaking my poor achin' hips, and chatting ont he phone with my sister while Isadore watched the Wizard of Oz (dressed up as Dorothy and clutching her Toto stuffed dog, no less.) When Blake and Mayan got home I fed them then swooped the girls off to see a real professional puppet show of their fave book "StellaLuna" at the Winningstad theatre in downtown Portland. I love living in the city.....

Finally evening....what is the one thing that can get between a man and his Star Trek? A pregnany belly! Don't I look freaked out? That is because I AM! I will be 38 weeks on Wednesday and today I woke up to the feeling like someone had kicked me in the crotch and my pelvic bone was bruised. This proably means the baby has dropped a bit which it looks and feels like. And, oh yeah, if it wasn't for me seeing this picture I would not even know that I have stain on my sweatpants b/c I can't actually SEE my sweatpants.

A few people have asked me why I have not blogged about my blessing. Well, I guess for a few reasons--one being that is was overwhelmingly sweet and it spend days spinning on the wonderfully kind things that were said to me--blogging it wasn't really on my mind. The other reason is that, it was very, very special and intimate. To me a blessing is not merely a party. It was carefully thought out and planned by my best friend Breana, who took great care to make it something that reflected ME, and my wishes. There were parts that were very ceremonial and healing, and really can only be known by those that attended. One of my favorite parts was when we threw our fears in to the at a time, gathering up our biggest fear and tossing some lavendar into a flame to help let go. I loved this part b/c it wasnt just about me, it was a chance for everyone there to have some healing. And it wasn't as woo-woo as it sounds, really. It's as natural as any room full of compassionate women being present and being open would create for themselves. The most mind-blowing part for me was just hearing what others had to say about me and what characteristics had drawn them to me. Talk about a confidence booster just when you need it the most! I seriously needed a reminder that I AM strong, I do have things to offer the world, I do bring beauty and light, and I will bring all of that into my birth and into my new child's life. How did I forget all of that and let so much fear and doubt in?

Here are a few shots from that day. Our sacred circle in our amazing living room which was the perfect setting:
Me, in my cute new dress, sorting through some gifts sent by Chemynne:

I was so happy to have my parent risk the crappy weather conditions, and embrace a sense of adventure to join me and my family for this event. It really made the day extra wonderful! A picture with the grandkids:

Amy and I due the same time, feeling each other's bellys...Baby Max has the hiccups:
Thank you for who came and filled me up with all of your warmth and love. Those of you who could not attend were very much missed! Breana, you have gone above and beyond for me and I love you!


nicole said...

Blake and Mayan on the boat is really cute. Something about a father and daughter connection is really priceless. Daphne and Ben have a really deep connection and I love seeing that between them.

I'm happy that your blessing was what you desired. I love the thought and representation of the fire and throwing your fears into the fire to let them go. Many blessings mama, you are strong and have so much to give. xoxo

UrbanHippieMama said...

I loved so much being able to honor and celebrate you in that way. You are such a radiant light...those around you jump at the chance to bask in it.
I can NOT believe you are going to have a baby any second, and I am just so effing excited! My mom called my cell at 7 am and I thought it was you. :)
I also can't wait to see the new boat... Mayan and Blake are too cute, and it is SO neat that they are able to connect so deeply through the interests that they share.

Rebekah said...

WOOOF, you've DROPPED! I saw you Saturday and thought to myself "wow, she's got a way to go before that baby comes" because baby was hiiiiiigh. Yai-ai-ai! Any day indeeeed! Whee!

(and MWAH about...your entire rest-of-post. You rule, mama!)

elliesmadre said...

Blake seems like such a tough guy, that it's sweet to think of him like a giddy little boy on a boat. And how awesome that it's something that Mayan and him share. I can't wait to see what Eleanor and Jimi will have in common. :)

And you look adorable. :)

Breana did an awesome job of planning your blessing. It was wonderful. And I was honored to be there and let go of some fears. I feel much closer to you after being a part of your sacred circle. Love to you mama.

Aimee said...

Very sweet pictures of Blake and Mayan!!

And I'm so glad your blessing was a wonderful as you hoped it would be, you deserve it!!

LA RN said...

Perfect, perfect. The day, the blog, the pics. I am satisfied. Thank you!

Hedro said...

I am SO glad your parents were able to make it. I know how important that was to you!

And... wow, what a neat idea, throwing the fears into the fire. I LOVE that.

May your birth be everything you want it to be!