Wednesday, April 30, 2008

keeping up with baby g

tell me this not the cutest george you've ever seen?

look! milk flows so freely here, even mayan is producing! hehehhee

oh my god, who does baby g's hair?
(danielle, this blanket rules!)

post-first-great-nursing after the milk came in

duh, we just realized that we haven't taken a family photo yet. this is the best we can do for now:

and these last two are specially for the chef and his wife!


Nicole Homel-Tellier said...

Manoman Leah, You look GREAT!!!!
The babe is just amazing! It is like you never missed a beat...pregnant, birth, ready to take over the world in a matter of 3 days! I only have one and struggle to be only part of looking as together as you do.
Earth Mama you are! B you are one lucky man. Kisses to all!

LA RN said...

Weeping! Hehahehaheheehaha! So happy!!!

Lee said...

I LOVE the family picture! And of course the one of Mayan pumping milk. That is too funny. But so precious to have daughters to pass on this amazing stuff that women do. xox

A said...

Man oh man, that hair kills me!!!! What a sweetheart. You look awesome and pretty dang together. :-D Lovely family, as usual!!!!


Amy said...

His hair just rocks so hard. I thought Max would have more hair like lil G' (ha he sounds like a rapper), but alas, my genes are strong in him! I think he's even going to have blue eyes, they sure look blue!

George is so freakin adorable. The girls look totally enamored with him, shoot, everyone does. And why wouldn't you? His lips are heavenly, his little eyes and cheeks are downright smoochable.

Ya done good, Momma. Ya done good!!! You look radiant, too!!!

UrbanHippieMama said...

I love the family picture!! You all are just glowing...

elliesmadre said...

Of course, you all look great. And I'm glad you like the blanket. :) That's great the MG is helping with the pumping, that can be a drag. lol What a sweet little G-man.

Rae Rice said...

You have an adorable baby! I am Nicole's sister. I am giving Nicole a bunch of layette stuff that my kids out grew (non-gender specific. Make sure to harass her for it. (sizes range from NB to 6 months).

SUV MAMA said...

I love them all. No way will I tell you he's NOT the cutest George I've ever seen. He is simply the most HANDSOME, perfect, sweet, adorable George- well, EVER!

I love the family picture. You guys make one good looking bunch!

radishly said...

WOW! He is just so, so, so, so, so, SO adorable!!!! <3