Friday, April 11, 2008

so sad, no boat

thursday, blake got up early to meet the surveyer who would inspect the boat that we were hoping to buy.

just a little background first on WHY we are looking for a new boat, especially since the Flicka is by far blake's dream boat and gift to himself when he turned 40. we LOVE LOVE LOVE the Flicka for sure; its a "salty" boat with tons of character and built like a ship for its humble dimensions. there are only 434 flickas in the world and we have had the time of our lives (as Mayan would say) on ours. BUT it's tiny. for a boat its size, yes, its amazing to have headroom and a kitchen (a "galley"), but it doesn't have a bathroom (a "head".) so a few weeks ago, while on what was supposed to a sleepover for blake and mayan, it was discovered that the potty we usually bring was at home and mayan had to take a poop in a cereal bowl--this lead to a big realization for blake: our boat is not big enough for our growing family. blake and mayan have spent countless hours on the flicka--scrubbing, fixing, puttering, and down-right loving on this tiny beauty. our summer sails on the columbia were memorable and we even got to include some family and friends.

but going out on the water and not having a place to go pee is a pain. knowing that we can only take out a few extra passengers at a time is lame. we want to take out some families with children. we want our own family to have a sleepover and be comfortable. i want to make a grilled cheese sandwich with some elbow room when we come in from a blustery sail.

so blake started looking and soon found a Pearson 365--36' feet (the flicka was 20') with an actual bedroom (captains quarters), and head (with toilet, sink, and a stand-up shower), a bunk for the girls, a clean and spacious galley, a navigation station, and all sorts of storage space to hide the clutter! she is a beauty! and the price was really really great--affordable for us as long as we sold the flicka. we pondered, we visited it a few times, we talked....then we offered. and the owners accepted. just like buying a home, it was contingient on a marine survey and a test sail. you all saw the test sail pictures from last sunday--it was epic.

so back to this thursday....blake met Larry at the docks. Larry had already been at the boat and had seen something that made him say "there is something i need to show you before we continue with the survey..."--a detailed inspection of the rigging (the cables and metal apparatus that the sails attach to) revealed significant damage to the spreaders and upper mast. the mast, the gigantic main pole that is the center of the whole sailing process, had a major "smootch" in it. the analogy here to explain why this is so so bad, is this: imagine an aluminum perfect shape it could hold person's weight if they were to stand on top of it. but one small dent in the side and the can would be crushed by that same person. dent in mast=not good. the estimated value to replace the mast and rigging would be half the value of the boat.

here is where we curse and kick and shake fists at the sky. damn, we were really falling for that boat. even the surveyer was super bummed for us, he agreed that is was a sweet boat, and a sweet deal...but this is a deal breaker. he believes the damage was most likey caused by someone (the dumb owners) hitting a bridge.

*big huge fat sighs*

we're rolling with it though. we're going to wait for the flicka to sell then start shopping when the weather is looking up. looking is always fun--hey, it's blake and mine's favorite passions combined: sailing and shopping!


nicole said...

What a bummer for you guys...the right one will come around soon enough. :)

Lee said...

Ahh too bad! I'm sure another wonderful boat will come along, though. I love hearing about your family's sailing adventures!

Amy said...

So sad!!!! :(

But yeah, no more pooping in cereal bowls. LOL

On with the shopping!!!

Cookie said...

The Pearson looked like a beauty but it must not have been the right time or the right boat for you. YOUR boat will find you. The Flicka is a fun boat with great lines.
We had a fun sailing in July when GrandP and I came to visit.
The fun is also in looking at all kinds of boats.

Cat said...

I figure I should start leaving comments since I check your blog all the time. So exciting that you are thinking of a bigger boat for your expanding family. Have the girls had swimming lessons yet? I'm teaching this summer at the Orsborn Aquatic center here in Corvallis. I would love to come up and get them out in the water.

Peace out:)

Nicole Homel-Tellier said...

Some of my fondest memories of my childhood are from going to boat conventions and sailing with my Dad. We too, as a kid, had a similar dissappointment...we almost got a Peterson 44. Man, I still remember it in all its glory today!
Love and luck-

SUV MAMA said...

:( I'm rooting for you guys to find the perfect fit soon. It sounds like buying a boat IS just as emotional as buying/selling a house.

I love the pictures, and LOVE your blog!

You look wonderful Mama!

LA RN said...

Oh the disappointment of getting your heart set on something and then having it not pan out... I agree with cookie: "YOUR boat will find you"! I cannot wait to sail with you one of these days. I hope I can handle what Mayan calls crooked island!

It is so nice to hear how much you and your family enjoy life!

Laura said...

So sad! This post got me looking... and now I want this boat. Not as big as they one you guys need, but so cute!