Tuesday, May 27, 2008

For George-Ephraim's First Moon


you were not real to me

until i reached down and felt

the sopping curls exit me

and i spilled your body onto our sheets

the fruit of my undamaged womb

the crying proof of my reproductive wholeness

...and to hear the words on my husband’s lips!

to see the tears dance in his eyes

“a boy!”

adding roundness to our circle, our tribe
a male, a son, our fruitful earth worker
the unmistakable face of a third George

(the first born in 1907 and again in 1941)

the hair that first introduced us

now dried to the sparkling delicious locks of your father

pink lemonade “Lou” lips
fat of my milk on your skin...

these first moons with you

studying your pages: written of my own flesh

the impermanence of it all

tears tenderly at my heart

and while my own newborn-ness is reflected
in your soft, unfocused gaze
my mother-knowledge (taught to me by your sisters)

allows me to answer your lusty calls
with a calmness that comes only from experience

i have been broken in for you

--for George-Ephraim’s first moon


Hedro said...

That. Was. Beautiful.

He is so lucky that you are his mama. You have to know that he chose you.


Korin said...

beautiful. brought tears to my eyes. Love to you, my friend!

Comptons said...

WOw. Just...wow. Teary-eyed here, as well.

UrbanHippieMama said...

how perfect and beautiful. i'm glad to see i didn't ruin your train of thought too much. ;)

Rebekah said...

What a striking poem, L! I had no idea you had that in you (although now I'm not sure why I'm surprised). WOOOOF! Is there NO END to your talents?????

Lee said...

Wow, that was so lovely to read. Thank you for sharing it.

nicole said...

Beautiful...and so very touching.

elliesmadre said...

That is so touching and sweet Leah. I love it. You guys are an awesome family. :)

mamayogalove said...

thank you for sharing that.
wishing we could be there.
sending my love to you all