Sunday, May 18, 2008

one hot week in pdx

breaking records this week in portland with temps in the 90's. what happened to having a spring? last week i was protecting my garden from hail and freezing temps, this week we were scrambling for shorts and sunblock. here is this week in pictures:

best of all, Naomi was here visiting from LA...the last day she was here we visited the Japanese Gardens in Washington Park:

later, we introduce George to Nomad:

(one of the girls took this, i am not sure which one....)

after all the sweatin', poor George-Ephraim had a heat rash so i figured out a way to bathe him comfortably without him crying....he seemed comfy on his towel in a huge metal bowl, and sister Isadore helped, too. he sure is chunking up fast:

Saturday was the children's fair at Leach Botanical Gardens down the street, always a treat, and this time Breana and crew got to join us:

it was seriously HOT on Saturday afternoon, so i let the girls run through the there anything more GREAT for a kid than sprinklers on a hot day??:

today, we went to a birthday party for our friend Kieran....what a cute bunch of kids!:

Mama and Papa and George from Isa-view:

fianlly some random faces of George-Ephraim. first, a silly sleepy grin:

then, bored:
mr. sweaty:
and the pucker-face "huh?" look that i love so dearly:

it is supposed to cool off again this week so we'll have a break. i have a check-up with the midwives on tuesday--i am sure baby G is 10 pounds already! love to all....


elliesmadre said...

What great pictures! The kids are all adorable and you look great. I can't wait to see you all soon. We'll be up on the 26th, at least that's the plan. :)

mamayogalove said...

puts a smile on my face.

Comptons said...

Great pictures, as always! Glad to see you all thriving. And I love the bath-in-a-bowl!