Sunday, May 4, 2008

one week of baby george

i am pretty sure he looks a lot like i did as a baby.
bonding with MG

a snuggle in the papa pit

body shot. i call these "muppet legs."

who is to say it's just gas?

how i got some house work done.

i can't go very long with a hold-and-gaze. oh, mr. kissable!

i found this self-portrait of isadore to be stunning!

oh, yes, he also cries.

i've officially fallen very hard for mr. george-ephraim. tragically hard. oh, dear, my heart simultaneously aches and sings for him. is it strange to sometimes want to stuff him back into me where not harm can come to him? i went to make salad dressing while he slept and i missed him. oh, how i love my little boy!!


mamayogalove said...

Leah - he is looking like a little man! he is edible.
can't wait to see him in the flesh.
soooo much love you and and the gang.

UrbanHippieMama said...

oh. my. god. that first picture of him is so beautiful. he is just so perfect. and he does look so much like you...especially with his eyes open.

oh, and just so you know, he's crying because his pants are up in his armpits and he's so pissed off at you because he looks like a 90 year old grandpa. he is still effing adorable, though--just tell him i said that.

Cookie said...

Leah, Little George is a sweetie. Can't wait to see him and hold him. And the picture of Isadore is beautiful. Thank you, you two. We have some great, beautiful, bright, lovable grandkids. Good genes.

Lee said...

This post just made my heart melt (and my ovaries dance). So sweet.

And Breana is a hoot! :)

radishly said...

He is so dreamy. What a lucky family.

mamayogalove said...

he is so cute.
say hi to Mayan and Isadore.
i just want to kiss him all up.
love Giselle

Comptons said...

so very very sweet.

Hedro said...

Oh my... I would also be in love. I love the smiling pic!

And... all of the other pics too! Seriously heart-melting stuff.

Your family is just so beautiful!


Bill & Savannah said...

Yummy tender bliss! Looking forward to meeting the little guy!


gemma said...


breana led me to your blog after i heard about your new bambino!
congrats of little george - what a gorgeous guy!

i loved reading your birth story, too; it took me back....

hope to see you soon,