Wednesday, June 4, 2008

baby g's first photo shoot

ah, we are so lucky! our dear friend Amy at Funky Wonder did a shoot for us at Nomad just before George-Ephraim's first moon celebration and, of course, the results are breathtaking...

in arms

the biggest sister

george-ephraim in a basket (oh, the hair!)

so handsome


little boy nomad

whisker kisses

father and son

the nomad family (looking straight out of a magazine spread)

family of five

mommy's little chunk

through the museum case

i, g, m

bright eyes


so, amy and i were belly-sisters--due just a few days apart. she ended up having her baby boy Max exactly 2 weeks before I had George and this was her first photo shoot since the birth. we just had to get pics of the boys together and it proved to be hilarious! i don't know how she captured it but here is the shot that had us all rolling....

max and his little birdie

don't worry, my boy ended it, quick and cool-like--LOL!

THANK YOU, AMY--for capturing the beauty of our lives to enjoy forever and for being so great to work with!


UrbanHippieMama said...

what GORGEOUS pictures!! not surprising, with your gorgeous family... :)


Nicole Homel-Tellier said...

Fabulous photos of all of you, but those pics of B and G...blow me away!
Love and kisses to the clan!

elliesmadre said...

You are all so damn photogenic! And George is getting cuter every day. The pictures look great. :)

buffybutt said...

Wow, breath taking. And who knew that you have powerful mama's milk like me, lol. Seriously though Leah, your family is beautiful.

LA RN said...

Fabulous photos! Love George shuttin down Max's birdie! George looks really good...

Candice said...

Gorgeous photos. I can't get over how adorable G is.