Saturday, July 5, 2008

10 pictures of George's first beach trip

last monday we headed west toward the ocean--i've been dying to go to the beach since last fall but in oregon you only get nice beach-weather in the summer. the closest town is Seaside and the closest beach is called Ecola State Park (sounds like E coli but i am sure this beach was named long before the bacteria made headlines)--it took us an hour and a half to get there with minimal kid-flooping (classic parent-kid conversations along the way: how much longer? has it been and hour and a half yet? no, it's been fifteen minutes. oh, can have a snack? sorry, the food is in the trunk; we'll picnic when we get there. oh....will you hand me that book? *sigh*) of course, mr. best-baby-ever didn't make a peep until we pulled into the beach parking lot. it was not to hot day i anticipated, but luckily we all had extra hoodies in the trunk; it ended up pretty cloudy and coolish the whole time but it didn't rain--blake deemed it perfect weather since he dislikes the sun anyway. i love how the beach is a large section of smooth rocks before the sand starts...we pulled up a piece of driftwood for a bench on the egde of the rocks and layed out our stuff on the sand. despite the cool temps, it didn't take long for the girls to strip down to their suits and chase the surf. george-ephraim just meeped and squinted in his stylish american apparel hoodie. after a while, blake had a flashback to when he and his sister explored tide pools so we took a walk toward some giant rocks in the distance, and sure enough we found some starfish and sea anenomes. the three of them were so cute looking for sea creatures! all-in-all, a successful family-of-five day trip to the beach...maybe next time we'll stay overnight in a yurt!

a self-family-portrait success!

it's no wonder his nickname is "baby meat fat"


Nicole said...

Oohhh...I love the pic of B with the shell eyes...and the "chunkochino" thighs and cheeks on Little G are just killin' and kisses to all 5 of you!

elliesmadre said...

You take the best pictures! It looks like it was such a great day for all of you.

Amy said...

Awesome fun!!! Too bad it wasn't warmer...but at least it's invigorating!! When is G gonna grow into them cheeks? He is a puddle of goodness that one. Max weighs like 18 pounds today at his three month bday. George-Ephraim must weigh like 25-30, right? What a hunka burnin lovin.

Fun to see Blake hamming it up with the girlios. :D

UrbanHippieMama said...

my favorite is also the one of B with the shells... hilARious!! :) looks like a wonderful day! xoxo

LA RN said...

Love the one of Isadore giggling in delight mid-leap! What fun!

angstmonkey said...

Baby Meat Fat.

nothing else needs to be said.