Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It's still 5 weeks away (Mayan's birthday is this coming Monday) but it has really been sriking me lately how incredible it is that Isadore is going to be FOUR. I am just as stuck that Mayan will be SIX (it seems to be like entering into a whole nother dimension of childhood as the teeth fall out and they become "school-aged") but seeing Isadore become a big sister to George has helped me see into her personality a bit better. Since Mayan goes to work with Blake a few times a week, I have the honor of spending more focused time with Isadore and watch her new role as "older sibling" develop--she adores George and adopts all of the pet names for him that we have, sweetly singing them to his face while he lights up like a tree at her attention. I am definitely seeing a relationship blossom between them that I have not seen between Mayan and him (Mayan claims she's been through all of this before--the new sibling thing--and plays it very cool.)

Here are some pics she took of us the other day:

Currently, black is her favorite color; her thing for ninjas has made a comeback, especially since I bought her these leggings with an attached skirt at a thrift store a few weeks ago. If she sees anyone wearing all black she says "Look, a ninja!" Or if I am wearing black pants and a colored top she tells me I am "half-ninja." She told me that last night she had a dream about ninjas--there was a good ninja and a bad ninja, and the good ninja saved her from danger so they got married. "Getting married" is her equivalent to any sort of love right now. She asks Blake to marry her everyday, and if she likes something I cook she tells me we will be married in the morning. Look closely and you miiiight be able to spot her:

Ah, there she is, my sweet little ninja!


Hedro said...

Wow. Time really flies, doesn't it?

Happy birthdays girls!


elliesmadre said...

I can see how this would show a new side of Isadore. How sweet that you get to spend such quality time with her and George. And I love how cool Mayan plays it. They sure do grow up fast, don't they?

And that picture of you and George is adorable. can't wait to see you all again. Just a few more weeks. :)

angstmonkey said...

Isadore is such an awesome ninja...... I, myself am not a ninja (I am more a super spy) but the guys at the super spy lab are always talking about how they never see her coming...... THAT is how ninja she really is ;)

We should knit soon.

LittleYogini said...

I love it! I really got a good giggle out of this...not that ninjas are at all funny, but a half ninja sorta is. xoxo

Lee said...


UrbanHippieMama said...

she looks so tall in that last picture.. has SHE grown since we left, too?? :(

you ARE entering into a whole new era... it will be so weird when all of our children are there!


leahsmom said...

Thank you for all the pictures and updates on my precious grandbabies. I love your perspective on what is happening in their lives. Pictures last forever. Im glad to be here to see them up and personal. mom

LA RN said...

Belly laughs for the sweet ninja!

Mrs. G. said...

She IS the cutest ninja ever. Very menacing.