Monday, July 21, 2008

Mayan Grace is officially six years old

I feel like since my baby, my first child, has completely shed not only her baby-ness but all signs of toddlerhood somehwere in the last few years, that I should have some epic downpouring of reflection to mark this occasion...but I don't. She just IS. And it happened so gradually, so sweetly and intense, that I barely even recall what it was like to hold her as an infant, or how her face looked if it were not for photographs. When I see her then in a picture I marvel how that face and body could have morphed into the face and body I see before me today. But there she is, and I've always thought the best adjective to describe Mayan IS Mayan--she's become her own adjective. Spunky, bright, curious, sassy all in somewhat of a laid-back manner. I've always questioned how to wrange her potent spirit and guide it best, without having it burn out of control, or just burn out--I've always wondered how best to be her mother, and I've veered in many directions, but have come to terms that no matter how I parent her, SHE will always come though in the end. I need to worry less, and enjoy her more because it's truly fascinating getting to know how she works. Sometime when I see a quality that I envy in her I realize its something she has gotten from me--that helps center me. I am the Mother of Mayan, and I am forever changed for the better.

Whoa, I guess I did have something to say about it....:-)

Here was our day today:

fried chicken tenders are the perfect beach food: fill a ziplock bag with 2 parts rice flour, 1 part tapioca flour and 1/2 part flax meal, plus a few tsp of salt and a few tsp of dry mustard powder. dip some chicken pieces (this time i did tenders but drumsticks are great too) in a shallow pan with rice milk, then place then in the flour-mix bag and shake shake shake to coat. fry them in an inch of high-heat cooking oil (safflower or canola)

a little sisterly sand burying

blake is on dogs-not-on-leash-patrol

my beautiful daughter

my how they grow!!!

surprises awaited us when we returned!

cookie made a jewelry box--and sent other great things like a bike basket and bike horn--watch out knapp street!

what is that flash of white, you ask? its the girls so excited about the dresses that uncle walter and uncle bruce sent that they could not wait to try them on

darling, eh?

the chocolate "butterfly" cake....i wonder what her wish is!

thanks to all her who called and sent gifts. mayan kept declaring all day what a perfect birthday it was. she was full of gratitude by the end of it all. love!


elliesmadre said...

It looks like she had a wonderful celebration today. Sometimes I look at Eleanor and am just amazed at how much she has changed in the few years she has been here. I can't even imagine the person she will be at 6. Congratulations!

And I think I-spyed a Nomad hoodie....;)

See you soon!

elliesmadre said...

Oh, I forgot to say what an amazing and intuitive girl Mayan is. She is mature and playful, mischievous and coy. And a timeless beauty. Happy Birthday Mayan!

Lee said...

Happy Birthday, Mayan! That looked like a truly wonderful birthday.

angstmonkey said...

What a wonderful day! I totally get what you are saying.... I can't really remember what it was like to hold my little blue eyed baby doll anymore. She is River now and it is amazing.

nicole said...

Happy Birthday, Mayan! What a beautiful day you had to celebrate!

Meshem said...

Uncle Meshem likes to wish my beautiful niece Mayan a wonderful BELATED birthday... errrrrrrrrrggggggg. I really need to read your blog more so that I can give the birthday wishes in a more timely manner. Loves to all!

Bill & Savannah said...

Happy Birthday Mayan, you amaze me with your spunky wisdom and independent spirit,


leahsmom said...

I am so happy to be able to add to your happiness on this such a special day. Love you soooo much. grandma

The SUV Bitch said...

Yeah! Awesome pictures! We were at the beach a day before you guys... Mia's birthday is the 20th. I really, really wanted her to come on the 21st (such a neat day to be born!). :)

UrbanHippieMama said...

Happy Birthday Mayan!!!

The picture titled "My Beautiful Daughter" looks SO much like you.

I am so glad that Mayan had such a special day.

love to you all.

radishly said...

hehehe, Blake on a stick. Awesome!

Happy BIG birthday to you both, wow!

LA RN said...

Glad we could spend the day at the beach together..Hee hee!

We love you so much Mayan. Thanks for being you.