Monday, July 28, 2008

monday, monday

Today, I promised Isadore that we would go on a hike together at Powell Butte since I left her behind on my walk last night around the neighborhood (not an easy neighborhood to walk in since there is that super steep hill and no shoulder--not kid-friendly.) What is up with all this walking, you ask? Well, I took an idea from my friend Amy (Syma Says) and her friend Jess (the SUV-driving-bitch your mother warned you about) to work out once a day for 21 days. This seemed like a good comittment to me--not so long that you are destined to failure but also long enough to become a bit of a habit. For example, squeezing in a walk just before dinner really isn't that hard but unless I have to or it's a common occurance then I won't (I'd crack a beer instead). Seven days into it and it's going very well--I've either walked Powell Butte (and sometimes do some yoga at the top), walked the neighborhood, or done a good yoga routine everyday. I have to do this. I hate being attached to weight but I am very unhappy being this heavy. I've never weighed this much before--even at the height of my pregnancy with Mayan I was still a few pounds less that I am now. And it isn't only that my clothes fit poorly (which would be reason enough for this fashion-conscious mama!) but that I just feel out of shape. Obviously, I have a newborn, and these things take time, so I should cut myself a break but I really feel like I could be more active and that will only help my situation. I am not "watching what I eat" or counting calories, I am a nursing mama and I will eat what feels right, but being more active will help a lot.

Working out is actually something I find very strange. Americans simulate walking and biking on a stationary machine in front of thier tv sets--that is how lacking our lifestyles are in phyical activity! We actually have to set aside time in our days to move our bodies! I have rocked a treadmill on my iPod, so I am not shaming anyone but I am often asking myself "what is natural?" In a simpler world, our daily life would be enough to keep us fit. Sometimes when I walk up the neighborhood north of ours on Mt. Scott, past the exceedingly large and close together mini-mansions, I think in a simpler time I would have been hoofing it daily (sometimes twice!) up and down this hill to fetch water or go to the market with a basket on my head. I would not have time to "work-out"--that would seem ABSURD--but instead my daily activities would keep my muscles tone and body strong. But this IS America and I have to actually force myself to load up my children in their government approved carseats, along with my jogging stroller (complete with cup holder and sun shade!) in the back of my giant Suburban and drive to a "nature park" kindly set aside from the urban spew, and walk along it's paved paths so that I can burn off the calories I have ingested and work my muscles. Brilliant!

The girls though have enjoyed accompanying me on my outings, which brings me back to our day today. i told Isadore she and I and George could take that hike up Powell togetherr today, just the three of us. Team Perlingieri members B and MG would stay behind and work on the play structure. We were Team Perlingieri, unit 3: not only were their three of us but George is now 3 months, Isadore is technically still 3, and I am 3 to the 3rd power. Yeah, we're dorks. I also had some other errands to run with them such as bringing a large pile of CDs to sell at a music store, then hitting the teacher supply store for some handwriting paper, and finally going to the Goodwill to shop for books. Speaking of three, this ended up being a triple bust. The CD store only wanted 4 of my Cd's (out of like 15), the teacher supply store is no longer there (I drove all around mall 205 twice looking for it!), and then when we finally got to the Goodwill, I unloaded a sleeping and very sweaty George in to my sling, and took Isadore's hand only to notice that she had peed her pants! (She claimed it was water but it smelled like pee to me...) We bailed the mission and headed home. Oh, well, I really like my life enough that I will take the occassional "typical Monday" anyday without much of a fight.

Hope everyone else had a decent Monday;-)


elliesmadre said...

I like this 21 day idea. I would have to do my walking by myself though, no jogging stroller. Bummer...time to myself! lol I think I will try this out.

Let's see, today I went to:

*the post office
*Market of Choice to exchange some stanky laundry soap
*Target to look for Dorothy shoes which they always have, but of course not today.

My house is clean, I had some great sex, and now I am going to work on Dorothy skirts for Mayan and Isadore. Not a bad day here. :)

angstmonkey said...

The teaching store is inside..... it has no sign outside.

Mama Nomad said...

Yup, I just looked at thier website...I didn't know Mall 205 had an "inside." Oh, well:-)

Amy said...

I know, I know, it's ridiculous. But humans are built for a physically strenuous lifestyle, and we just don't get that anymore. We supersize and channel surf.

Now we have terms like "obesity epidemic". It's so sad, but it's a logical thing when you think about it. We are simply not moving enough, and we are eating too much, and when we do eat, we eat fake food that is just filler, no nutrients, all fat.

That being said, I'm guilty as anyone with my Betty Crocker Brownies and sitting on my arse in front of the computer for WAY too long. And then moving from my computer to the tv to fill my head with what I'm SUPPOSED to look like. LOL

It's a mental game I tell ya!

Anyway, I had a false start last week but restarted again yesterday. I have a vision of what I will feel like (not look like), and that is strong, fit, energetic with endurance and focus. Bring it!

Jess and I are trying to get a team together for the Hood to Coast next year, so spread the wurd my friends, let's do it!!! :D

UrbanHippieMama said...

I struggle with the stupidity of having to "schedule in" exercise as well-- I hate the fact that I do not get what I need from my daily life. But, at some point I guess I have to get over it and just deal with what I'm working with... I am an american and to some extent this is my lifestyle. I try to get my exercise by doing things I enjoy that happen to work my body, and that seems to satisfy both needs.


Hedro said...

Hey, I need to get in shape for the coming fall when I guess... because I'm completely insane, I will be getting plenty of exercise from my daily life and biking Lily to school.

If you ever want a walking partner, just LMK!



LittleYogini said...

I'm at my heaviest-most-uncomfortable-because-I-don't-feel healthy weight as well and I've been trying to squeeze in some activity as well. It actually has felt really good....well at the moment. Yesterday I went for a walk/jog around the lake near my house and it felt great to be outdoors gettin' my sweat on. Today I am wincing with each step. Ouch.

I've also decided to shut off my cable, so that should at least save me from hours of TV watching (although I have a feeling I'll replace that with hours of reading). Did I meantion I ate Ben and Jerry's ice cream today? I think that stuff is as evil (and addicting)as crack. LOL.

Keep up the good work mamma!!

leahsmom said...

Thank you for reminding us all what we need to do and we all have the same thoughts about it. I have struggled with my weight all my life (as you know) and the one thing I have learned is no matter how hard I work my ass off in a day I do not lose weight unless I do intense exercise and give up some extra calories each day. So we are all in it together. Gotta go now take a walk. mom

LA RN said...

Love the walk or yoga everyday. Since Noah and I share a car, I must walk everyday to run my errands. Even if I am not hard core working out, my walks have kept my legs tone and slim. And I don't even feel like I have worked out! I'm just walking to the library, then my friends house, then the grocery store, etc.

Also, for all you mommas out there, focus on your housework as exercise. When I put away the dishes I do squats to put the pots and pans away. I strettcchh to put away glasses in the upper cupboards. I vacuum to music and get my heart rate up. Try to make all the "normal" things you do everyday a chance to tone. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn sitting on your arse watching mind numbing TV... (which I do frequently, don't get me wrong)

By the way, I hate it when I spill water on myself and it starts to smell like pee!