Wednesday, September 10, 2008

homeschool days

On days when Mayan goes to work with her Papa, I have fun with my solo student Isadore. Among other things, she likes to hone her fine motor skills by writing and drawing pictures on her chalkboard. All the while, George-Ephraim plays himself right into a nap (see below: still gripping his Skwish toy, no less.)

Since studying a little about classical education this summer, we've developed a (flexible) weekday routine. Everyday each child spends a little time practicing handwriting (Isadore just one letter at a time and Mayan copying sentences from her favorite books), doing mathwork books, playing with puzzles and games, reading (Mayan quietly and also outloud to me and sister), listening to books on CD, and of course, storytime. A few times a week we do a casual science lesson or history lesson, and in general just continue to talk about the world around us and make connections. Right now, it's all about soaking it up and making connections....


UrbanHippieMama said...

You are so wonderful at creating routines that help to support your family and your life. This sounds like a lot of fun!

elliesmadre said...

I used to be against the routines, but as E gets older they are becoming more and more a part of our life. I think I need to rework our schedule to include some casual schooling. :)