Thursday, September 11, 2008

things i'm into right now

I swore I had done a post like this before, but then realized it was on my mySpace blog.....*shudder* Go ahead and add mySpace to my "things I'm NOT into right now" list.

These are not just fun but also help practice my finding-images-on-the-web-and-adding-them-to-my-blog skills. Enjoy.

1) PG Tips. (Thanks, Allison.)

I've been hooked on black tea in the morning for a long time now (and mid-day...and sometimes late afternoon...) which can get spendy if you like the goood stuff like I do. Choice Organic is my favorite brand which runs for about $4-5 for a box of 25. Allison turned me on to PG Tips last week, which may not be organic but its "the #1 tea in England!" and those English know their tea. Each box is just $8 for 80 cute pyramid shaped bags!!! And for anyone taking notes, I like my tea black with a little sugar.

2)My glasses.

For some reason the last contact I put in was very uncomfortable, so I picked up my old glasses. I was temped to ask Blake to buy me a new pair, just because there are so many cute frames out there but you know I just couldn't bring myself to do it because these ones are really perfect in every way, from the shape to the size and color. Even the brand name is cute: Oliver Peoples.


Thanks to my knitting friend Joi, I finally took the plunge and picked up some needles. Not only does it feel good to be doing something productive and old school with my hands, but I can't tell you how much more zen-like I parent when I am working my needles and yarn. Also, when my friend Allison came to visit a few weeks ago she showed me some tricks which have greatly improved my knitting speed. Thanks, ladies!! Blake kept pointing out baskets when we were out thrifting and garage-saling, but I (again) scoffed at their old-ladiness, but yesterday he presented me with a VERY cute basket perfect for my knitting supplies--what a good man!


Things we are currently selling: organic diapers, unused inflatable birth tub, and the Mercedes. Things we are always searching for: older Mercedes wagon (in my dreams...), 10 foot plastic kid slide for the play structure, chickens, the perfect new kitchen table. Things we have recently bought through Craigslist: 1/2 of a cow, firewood...


I've been struck with a hint of modesty in the past few months, strangely enough. Suddenly the light shawls and wool pashminas that our relatives have gifted us from India the past years are now my cover-up of choice. Who knows--maybe its all the Russian babooshkas and Muslim women I see around now living in the city, but it predict it will become a staple in my fall its very convenient for nursing George. Although don't expect me to be rocking it over my head, hijab-style just yet!

6)Used kids book and homeschool workbooks.

Why buy new, I say (and who can afford it)? for the price I dish out on library late fees, books at thrift stores and garage sales are so effin' cheap! We've always been big readers to the kids, but after reading about classical education this summer, we just leapt huge into having around and reading books all the time. So I am filling up the shelves like crazy--and the best part is you never know what you'll find--by accident we've discovered some amazing books, like twists on fairy tales (James Marshall does some great ones), the author and illustrator Tomie dePaola, some storybooks about the amish and life in the old days, and the kids new favorite, A Bad Case of Stripes by the guy who did the How I Became a Pirate book, David Shannon. Today I scored a Charlotte Mason Grammar Lessons book for 10 cents!!!

7)IQ Teaser.

I got this in a bag of toys and games from Red, White, and Blue for A DOLLAR FIFTY (for this AND a wooden ring toss game, AND an alphabet game for Isadore AND an unopened Barrel of Monkeys). When I was growing up, some friends of ours had this in their living room and I loved to play whenever we visited. I handed it to Blake the other night and he obsessed for over an hour. Everytime he'd put it down, within 30 seconds he'd be at it again.

8)Boston Legal on DVD.

We are on Netflix again and our friend Nicole, knowing what a huge Shatner fan Blake is, suggested we check it out. We are only a few shows into it but we're both really enjoying it. I especially like getting the know the James Spader character who is one of those asses that you just can't hate, and even root for (kind of like Dr. Gregory House.)

9)Drying our own herbs.

We've got golden oregano like crazy so we're finally harvesting, drying, and putting them into shakers for gifts this year. It feels amazing to have fresh herbs and produce from your garden adorning the countertops. We also have sage, basil, lavendar and rosemary.

10) My gold flats.

Though they may reek to high-heaven, I just keep dumping baking soda in them everyday and slipping them on because, really, a gold flat is the perfect transitional footwear to go from summer to fall, and all the way through the holidays, is it not?

Dear readers, what are you really into right now??


elliesmadre said...

We used to have one of those peg games growing up. I loved it!

Ok, I am into:

-simple dollhouses and handmade dolls/furniture


-trying out new recipes

-slacks/trousers instead of jeans

-sewing, of course. I have been making Eleanor pants out of Jimi's old tees.

-the thought or idea of running. LOL

Nicole said...

If you have enoough of the herbs, Bath tea bags would be awesome!!!
Things I am into:
1)obsessing over creating patterns/designs to make felt robots for the kids this holiday season.
2)sewing, in general, especially since being in Portland a month or so ago.
3)reading, reading, reading...
just finished Lamb by Christopher Moore. His stuff is great. Got Lust Lizard by him to read next. Currently reading Storm Front by Jim Butcher. Modern day wizard working as a PI in Chicago.First in a series.
4)processing my grape bumpercrop. I need help getting the millions of pounds of them off the top of the trellis now.
5)OBSESSED with the cartoon As Told by Ginger.
6)Starting Dead like Me from Netflix, let you know how it is.
I could list a bunch more, but this is your blog, not mine!!!!

UrbanHippieMama said...

You are so damn cute. You've been taking lessons from Mrs. G, have you?? hee hee...

I am into:

-Revising my Home Management Binder
-Helping my family sleep better
-Urban Homesteading

Rebekah said...

Things I'm into:
1. Sleep
2. Making chai when (inevitably) #1 didn't work out so well.
3. Tidying. Whaaaat? I know. But my house is suddenly usually clean. Not spotless, but for those of you who knew me um, before last month or so, wowee. It's a WHOLE NEW WAFFLE HOUSE.
4., what was the question? (see #1)

MWAH, pashmina mama! MISS YOU!!! And you remind me I have some cute pashminas to pull out and hope the moths didn't munch much.

Lee said...

I LOVE the tricky triangle!! My grandfather had one and he got me hooked. I don't know where his went. I need to find one.

Gold and silver slip-on shoes are THE BEST.

I'm trying not to get into anything right now since soon I'll be getting into traveling for work, eek! Then I need to get into preparing meals for my family so Jake and Mike can eat well when I'm not there (i.e. not pasta all the time).

Hedro said...

I am going to have to try the PG tips.

I am into:

1. Bike building, and riding! We are almost done with the cargo bike that we decided to build after seeing the bakfiets price tag. I'm also now biking Lily to school.

2. Trying to figure out what life is all about. That's actually been taking most of my time, and has been fun to contemplate while on my bike.


Mrs. G. said...

Loving the glasses.

christine said...
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