Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Nomad Family's week in review 10-5-08

I sold these on craigslist. Is it just me or do the rockets on the shoes look a little....penis-y? I undersold myself and they sold in under an hour. Should have asked for more...Wouldshouldcoulda.

The liitle man is rearing to crawl. Much earlier than my other babies. He's been up on all fours for over a week now, it just a matter of time....

"I like big butts and I cannot lie..." In an effort to survive in a crumbling economy save some dough I have been doing cloth diapers-only for the last 4 days. Challenging as I only have 9 fitteds, 2 covers and some prefolds. But I am making it work (just not leaving the house until I get some more practice....)

You go, buddy!!!!!

The girls insisted the other day that they were twins. So I got silly with them and called Isadore "Mayan" and Mayan "Isadore"...they got a HUGE kick out of it.

In conjunction with my cloth-only challenge, I started putting the EC (Elimination Communication) I have studied into practice for the first time. Geo and I spent a good amount of time sitting on his little pot waiting....and waiting......Seriously, I've never spend so much time staring at the end of penis, waiting excitedly for something to happen. After a few days nothing had happened; he peed in the pot 2 times but of course when we'd been sitting there for a long time and I would start focusing on something else, like talking to the girls. Then I'd realize he'd already done it and didn't get to do the "Psssssss" sound to help him connect the two (if you are familiar with EC this makes sense, if not I apologize.) I think when I got excited he was making cues to pee/poo, I'd pick him up and hold him over something (the potty or sink) and that act would jostle him so much and make him not have to go. So finally on the 3rd day I sat him on his pot and after less than a minute he peed AND pooped. Oh my, how I celebrated! One diaper saved....many more to go...

Blake had a gig playing drums for The Red King who was headling the annual Dark Arts Festival. Poor thing--the show began at midnight. Here we are staying up when we'd rather be snuggled up watching Boston Legal. We laughed at how tragically un-goth we are--I made Blake some chocolate chip cookies while he waited to depart, we joked about about funny it would be if he wore his Sesame Street shirt to the show.

Is it time to go yet?

Okay, so today we helped my parents move from SE to Portland to The Dalles because they got a job managing an apartment complex, which is great. But, of course, today it was raining. And it so happens to be our anniversary (7 years since we were married in Mexico!) But whatever. We're just happy to help. I may not look jazzed but the baby slept from 11pm to 5am straight so I am actaully VERY well-rested and rearing to go!

Mayan reading T.S. Eliot's Book of Practical Cats

Isadore (who began READING this week) is all about writing words. Here she is writing "MEAN BAT."

The world's most perfect car traveler.

Oh, come on B! Here we are picking up the U-Haul (which Papa Nomad drove.)
The girls were a super great help (and looked really cute doing it, too.)

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elliesmadre said...

Eleanor saw the picture of you and Blake, and she smiled and said you guys were cute. :)

That's great for your parents! Discounted rent and a steady job. Those are 2 wonderful things.

And of course the kids are all adorable. The girls are getting so big, and so is George. Crawling already...eek! I don't even think E was sitting up on her own at 6 months.

Nicole said...

You have had a productive week!
I can only aspire...

A said...

Now I know why I never hear from you on my don't read it! LOL


LA RN said...

Oh my god, Isadore looks like a little person finally. All of a sudden lanky! Maybe it's because she is reading now and a big sister to almost-about-to-crawl George! wow

A said...

Ha! I totally didn't mean to guilt you! But it is nice to see you! :)

Mrs. G. said...

Happy 7! May you have have many, many more.

Hedro said...

Wow. Big week! Happy anniversary!


Marketing Mama said...

busy week! Impressed with your efforts to use cloth diapers and EC... potty training a 3 year old was enough fun for me! ;)

Your kiddos are adorable.