Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Seattle: Day 1

What are these girls craning their necks to see??

The space needle of course! Heeeeelloooo, Seattle!

First stop: the Seattle Aqaurium on the waterfront. We are sort of family-tourist-spot connesiuers, we've seen a lot of zoos, aquariums, and museums on the west coast. If I had to grade this aquarium, I'd give it a "C." There were however 2 highlights, the first being this "Octopus Crossing"--watching this dude manuever through his tunnel was pretty bitchin.'.

Now this is what I call a school a fish.
The other highlight is their concrete dome aquarium. Must have been a bee-otch to build...

Another useless hidden talent of Blake's: the uncanny ability to imitate whale sounds!
One of my favorite shots: a string of Nomads
Next stop: Pike Place Market. After standing amongst the other tourists and gawking at the antics of the fish mongers, we finally stepped up and bought some live mussels. We steamed them as a late afternoon meal and they were insanely good!
SAM was closed so we found parking right in front of the giant hammering man sculpture.
Final destination: the vacation rental. A cute little 2-bedroom off of Phinney Ave, near Lake Washington. It was perfect for us, although we did have to look out for ninjas...I couldn't be sure but I think there were 2 little ninjas-in-training. I know because of this sign:
"A Ninga is in your Hose"

Three little snuggle bugs!


elliesmadre said...

Yeah, you have to watch out for ninjas in your hose. lol Off to read day 2. :)

Nicole said...

I know you thought you might not get a trip in, but you managed to really pack it in on this one.
I am so sorry about the "unfortunate incident". Gross out entirely! Definately one to remember forever!!
Love the photos...I still think the SD Zoo is better ;P

LA RN said...

You guys sure know how to have fun. You seem to take advantage of everything a city has to offer. It's like seeing the world through your kids eyes!!

UrbanHippieMama said...

OMG.. a ninga is in your hose?!? how CUTE!! you take some really awesome shots, mama... i love looking at your photos.