Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Seattle: Day 4

The neighborhood we were in had an abundance of great shops. At one children's store I popped in because I saw this great Haba toy in the window. The lady pulled it out to check the price and noticed that the sun had bleached one side of it, so she said she'd give it to us for a discount. After calculating, she offered the $60 toy to us for $26!!! Um, yeah, sure, we'll take it. It's got everything--the little house unfolds and has two teething rings, a pacifier clip, three finger puppets and a little dude in a car.

But I digress...we packed up our stuff and headed to the Asian Art museum in Volunteer Park. The lot was nearly empty since we were early so we parked in front of this--look, you can see the space needle through it!
The girls brought their sketch pads and spent some time drawing this god with 11 heads and 1000 arms.
Blake and I tripped out on the beautiful gold pieces while the girls drew (see then through the case?)
Do your ears hang low? Right after we took this the guard informed up there was no picture taking. Oops!

So it ends there...or does it?? Stay tuned....for "The Unfortunate Incident."

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UrbanHippieMama said...

you mean, the Hilarious Incident?!? I cracked up for DAYS every time I thought about that, after you told me.
I'm so glad you guys had such a nice trip. The girls are so cute sketching in the museum...