Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another Nomad Week in Review

Still no sign of Baby Nermie, even though we did have some Craigslist teases. Humper continues to be very clingy after losing both of his animal pals, and is treating his depression by binging and purging on pond grasses.

Blake and Mayan turned a portion of Blake's office into a special Star Trek zone, complete with his vintage Star Trek toy collection, blue walls, and spacey mid-century chairs.

Georgie Boy is basically crawling, and getting from one side of a room to the other in a flash with an army crawl. He's got the cross-lateral motion figured out but keeps his belly low. Now we are on constant "choking hazard" patrol and I have to sweep and vacuum nearly everyday.
Isadore shows him how it's done.
Blake is really into coin collecting again, and Mayan (naturally) has followed suit. Her first project is collecting the State quarters...of the ones that are already out, she only has about 12 to go!
"Oh keep looking at me, I'm so cuuuute, and drooly!"
I have been meaning to make an apple pie forevs and finally busted one out. This is where I pretend that my camera can take good pictures like the pictures on the new food blog BeanPlate. The pie turned out really, really good though!

"Look at me, I'm so handsome!!" Geo started eating rice cereal with bananas in the morning with the girls.
I realized that for as many family members read this blog, I don't post pics of the kids all that often so here's a goodie of all three:
Baking with mah ladies. I finally found a decent recipe for chocolate cupcakes that Mayan can eat.
In addition to crawling and eating, Geo is also sitting up so now he can really "play" with sister.

Other events this week included a terrifying trip out to Washougal to pick up chickens, just me and Is and Geo. The ride out was a white knuckler complete with freeway traffic, heavy rain, darkenss, fog patches, hydroplaning, getting lost on windy narrow backwoods roads, and having crazy good old boys on my ass honking at me for not driving fast enough under these conditions. To top it off the chicken guy couldn't find 2 of the chickens and told me we'd have to go find them in the dark and rain on his 24 acres. I passed on that, so the whole drive was a complete waste. And that was the short version....

Also Mayan took her first crochet lesson on Thursday thanks to her Avia.

Finally on Friday, I got to out to dinner with my wonderful friends for a joint birthday dinner (Joi's is the 9th and mine the 20th) at Cava on Foster and it was FREAKING AWESOME. The food was super tasty (they use no soy and make their fries in rice oil!) and they put us all in their party room so we got to move around and be loud and use their iPod dock. There was about 12 of us there and it was just a great night. I'm a lucky lady.

Okay, off the thrift shop with the family. Stay tuned this week for my post about my favorite baby products.



elliesmadre said...

The kids are all beautiful as always. They are all changing and growing so much. I also had a lovely night with you all at Cava. I love that we get to all get together at least once a month. It will be so much nicer when I don't have to drive 2 hours. lol Love you all!

LA RN said...

#1 I made my first apple pie this week too!

#2 Noah and I LOVE to collect the state quarters and all we need now is the recently released Hawaii

Love and miss you all!

Nora Bee said...

I'm seriously into that pie. It looks amazing.

Nora Bee said...

Oh, and you are right in your comment at my place about my MIL visiting. Unfortunately, I probably won't blog about it--too paranoid--but guaranteed the stories will be GOOD. Maybe I'll just leave them in the comments here...harder to trace... :-)

Marketing Mama said...

cute pictures, and thank you for finally writing the post about your favorite baby products. I haven't stopped thinking about that idea and may just have to copy you... unless you don't want me to. I'd pick different things (probably, well, except for the ergo).

Anyways... your kids are adorable!

By the way, my little one who just started crawling pulled herself up in her crib and over the side last night... it was horrible hearing a big heavy plop on the floor. But she's okay, thank God. I can see your crib mattress is still rather high, thought I'd mention it so you can think about dropping it before you have to learn the hard way like we did. :(

Saam said...

to take good food pictures use the macro setting on your camera. it will take awesome, clear, detailed pictures! :)

Saam said...

when i was browsisng blogs i saw this entry on how to take good food pics. thought id share! :)